‘Reactive Rover’ workshop set for Sept. 23 at Alfred State Lake Lodge

‘Reactive Rover’ workshop set for Sept. 23 at Alfred State Lake Lodge

Trainers, shelter and rescue workers, and pet guardians can learn how to modify a common issue in pet dogs, namely leash reactivity, by registering for Alfred State’s “Reactive Rover” workshop, taking place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23 at the Lake Lodge, 6107 Terbury Road, Alfred Station.

Presented by the Center for Community Education and Training (CCET) at Alfred State, the workshop will lay out the genetic and environmental underpinnings of dog-dog reactivity, discuss the underlying causation, and provide protocols for modifying the behavior. Topics include adaptive significance of dog-dog reactivity, understanding the underlying causation: frustration and negative emotional responses, management strategies, games for reactive dogs, and more.

Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald, senior director for the Alfred State Office of Human Resources and the Center for Community Education and Training FOIL/records access officer, said one of the most common canine behavioral problems is leash reactivity.

“Many dogs will lunge and bark aggressively while on a leash and because of this, many dogs get returned to shelters or dumped at shelters because owners feel they can’t control them,” she said. “This can be stressful on the owner, but ultimately could make or break the happy home we wish for all dogs to have.”

The on-hand expert for the event will be Kelly Cottrell, CTC, the supervisor of training and behavior for the Louisiana SPCA. She is an honors-level graduate of the renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, also known as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers.” As the guardian of three dog-reactive canines, she emphasizes with owners struggling with this behavior issue, and has first-hand experience decreasing stress for both dogs and their people.

The information-packed seminar will also include training plans, class design examples, and demonstration of techniques with live dogs. Registration is $50 and includes breakfast and lunch. For registration information, contact the CCET at 607-587-4015 or at ccet@alfredstate.edu.

The CCET, a leader in providing state-of-the-art training for sheltering and rescue personnel, wanted to offer a well-rounded training that would appeal to everyone and help solve common canine problems, Dresser-Recktenwald said.

“We are excited that this is a training anyone can benefit from regardless of the breed, the size of the dog, or their experience with dogs,” she said.