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Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee of the Year

l-r: Clark, O’Donnell, Bennett, and JenersonJamie
a baccalaureate-level digital media and animation major at Alfred State
College, has been named the 2008-09 Alfred State College Student Employee of
the Year.  Bennett works in the Student Financial Services Office and was
nominated by her supervisor, Martha McGee, assistant director for that

Students are nominated
on the basis of reliability, initiative, quality of work, disposition, and
contribution to employer.

In the nomination for the award, Bennett was characterized as a reliable worker
with a well-developed work ethic.  She is a self-starter who recognizes
what needs to be done and does it without fanfare or prompting. 
Additionally, it was noted that Bennett serves as a peer assistant, helping
students and their families traverse the electronic processes involved in
applying for financial assistance.  In fact, McGee notes, Bennett seems
more like a professional colleague than student employee.  More than all
her professional skills, however, McGee noted that Bennett is prized for her
wonderful personality.

Other nominees included

Megan O'Donnell, Cortland, human services, was nominated by Lisa Coombs,
secretary in the English/Math Department for her accurate work skills,
reliability, and friendly nature. 

Katherine Clark, Alfred Station, business management, who served as an
office assistant in the Learning Center, was nominated by her supervisors
Janette Thomas and Christine Drum for the quality of her work, breadth of her
knowledge, and work ethic, always taking the initiative to seek out ways to aid
the department.  It was also noted that she possesses a pleasant demeanor
and professional attitude.

Crystal Medina, Bronx, employed by Health Services, was nominated by her
supervisor, Judi
Grant, director, Health Services. A senior in ASC's baccalaureate-level
architectural technology
program, Medina has served in Health Services for the past four years where she
spends the majority of her time on computer issues, including teaching the
regular staffers how to use them more efficiently.  She is a trusted
employee who maintains patient confidentiality and who deals with patients
professionally when she greets them at the window.  It was also noted
that Medina has an infectious giggle and a pleasant personality.

Ryan Jenerson, Rochester, liberal arts and sciences: social science was
nominated for his work in the Office of Student Activities and Orientation
where he serves as lead house manager.  Jenerson was cited for his
dedication, energy, and motivation in planning events for his fellow students.

A reception honoring the nominees was held during the spring semester,
where Deborah Goodrich, associate vice president, Enrollment Management,
presented certificates to the students.