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ACES Video Wins Outstanding Multimedia/Emerging Technology Award

ACES Video Wins Outstanding Multimedia/Emerging Technology Award

When wide-eyed incoming freshmen arrive on the Alfred State College to attend campus orientation sessions in the summer, they are treated to high-energy, interactive educational sessions that help them understand and prepare for college life. This year, they were also treated to an award-winning orientation video to help smooth out the transition from high school to college.

Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services (ACES—the campus dining, vending, and transportation provider) was delighted to learn that the video it prepared for orientation has won the 2010 Outstanding Multimedia/Emerging Technology award from the National Orientation Director’s Association (NODA).

“Capturing the attention of incoming freshmen and dynamically engaging them during the orientation process is a critical component of Alfred’s retention strategy,” said Spencer Peavey, director of Student Activities and Orientation. “ This video supports our long-term goals by providing an entertaining and informative learning environment.”

The ACES video explains the many services provided by ACES on campus. It was produced by the ACES marketing team, led by Sandy Dennison, with the assistance of marketing intern Jason MacLean, ’10, Amherst, NY.

“The video represents a tremendous amount of work by our Marketing Department. They created the story board, scripted the content, and coordinated the camera and production work,” said David Sengstock, ACES Human Resources director.

Response to the video which debuted in summer 2010 has been positive. In fact, many parents and students commented that the video was a great introduction to ACES’ services and, because it is available online, it has become a reference tool once their student was at school full-time.

About ACES

Auxiliary Campus Enterprises & Services (ACES) is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the mission of Alfred State College. ACES is located on campus and provides dining services, campus bookstore, telecommunications, transportation, vending, and laundry services to our student customers.