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ASC Ranked Top 24 in the US, Colleges with Sales, Distribution, and Marketing

2018 US News & World Report
Program Advantages

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In the marketing (AAS) program, students will:

  • Achieve an understanding of concepts and applications in the design and implementation of a sales presentation
  • Achieve an understanding of concepts and applications in the aspects of the marketing mix
  • Achieve an understanding of concepts and applications in the analysis of consumer-buying behavior
  • Achieve an understanding of concepts and applications in interpreting the various aspects of advertising, including but not limited to demographics, brand awareness, the marketing mix, and media selection
  • Achieve an understanding of concepts and applications in developing an effective web page
  • Written and oral communication
  • Critical thinking
Professional Outlook

Employment and continuing education is at a rate of 100%.

Students will be well prepared to assume professional positions in the following areas:

  • Consumer and industrial sales
  • Service Institutions
  • Banks
  • Advertising agencies
  • Financial and credit agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Recreational businesses
  • Tourist bureaus
  • Transportation systems
2016-2017 Alfred State Catalog
Susan Gorman, Program Coordinator
Pioneer Quotes

"Alfred State students bring professional engagement to prospective employers." -Michele Browning, senior employment specialist, The Guthrie Clinic

“In my four years as a student at Alfred State, the lessons and knowledge I have learned for marketing and business administration have been both beneficial and applicable in real world business opportunities. Through networking at Alfred State, I was able to receive an offer to be a state marketing representative intern at Hurricane Junior Golf Tour in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the nation’s largest junior golf tour. All of my learnings at Alfred State allowed me to be comfortable with the tasks I was given and helped make me successful in other areas of the company as well. The professors and classmates are always there to help out when needed. Alfred State has a great Business Department that truly brings out the best in each of their students.” -Tyler Landries, '16

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Business Department

"I wasn't sure if business was for me until I completed my first marketing class. The program helped me decide what aspect of business was for me and gave me incentive to obtain my bachelors in business administration." -Andrew Scialabba, '16

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