Individual Studies

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"The individual studies associates degree allows students to create their own major."

Dr. Kathleen Casey, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Program Advantages

This individual studies program, offered on campus or online, will give you the opportunity to explore majors, career options, and futures. It is also excellent preparation for transfer into four-year programs or various colleges and universities, and can be tailored to fulfill a career goal that cannot be met by traditional programs offerings.

Professional Outlook

Employment and continuing education rate of 100 percent - 60 percent are employed; 40 percent transferred to continue their education.

Alfred State Catalog 2023-2024
Academic Advising Center
Pioneer Quotes

"The individual studies associates degree allows students to create their own major, make progress toward a degree we may not have here, or assist students in completing a degree if they have changed their mind a few times." -Dr. Kathleen Casey, Associate VP for Academic Affairs