Health Sciences

Health Sciences

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3 students in a lab wearing white coats, blue gloves, using testing equipment
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ASC ranked Top 7 in NY, colleges with allied health and medical assisting services
2021 US News & World Report
Program Advantages

Health Sciences Student Interview

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More than a typical biology or chemistry degree... delve into the diversity of science and health, preparing you for the workplace and for further education in healthcare.

Professional Outlook
  • Biology Technologist
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Pharmaceutical Technician
  • Environmental Health Safety Officer
  • Food Scientist
  • Biomedical Researcher
Dr. Kathryn Link
Pioneer Quotes

"I chose Alfred State because I got big school opportunities at a small college. Alfred provides everything a larger school such as Binghamton or Buffalo offer but in a more homey environment. I love that my professors actually know me. I'm not a number, I'm not the blonde girl who sits in the second row. Here, the professors know who I am and that provides for a lot of accountability to make sure I'm in class and doing every assignment to my full ability. The biggest thing is that I can walk into almost any professor's office and ask for help and they will give it!" -Kylie Buchek, '18

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Physical & Life Sciences

"I wanted to come here because of the small campus and because Alfred feels like a home away from home. Also the teachers are here for you and your education, not for their paycheck." -Marissa Sly, '18