Greetings Alumni, Faculty, Staff, & Friends

Greetings Alumni, Faculty, Staff, & Friends

Dr. Steven Mauro

I continue to be amazed with what I see and hear daily about the impact Alfred State has had on current and past Pioneers. These interactions have only strengthened my passion to continue the great legacy of our college.

My first eight months at the college have flown by. I have spent much of my time learning more and more about the college and the area. I continue to be impressed with what I see, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. There are so many exciting things happening.

We are excited about our future as we continue to be committed to the college’s mission, vision, core values, and strategic plan. Here at Alfred State, we change lives!

In this edition of the Alumni Magazine, learn more about some of the students in the School of Arts and Sciences, read about Professor Mike Putnam, and check out the amazing partnership we have with the Bethesda Foundation. There are also tons of news stories to keep you updated with what is going on here at Alfred State.

I hope you enjoy reading and encourage you to reach out to us and let us know what is going on in your life.

Past Pioneers have led the way for our current students. My family and I are extremely excited to part of the Pioneer family and are excited to see all the great things in store.

Meet the Mauros Family Video

Please reach out to me if you are on campus! I would love to meet you!

Steven Mauro, PhD
(607) 587-4011