Building Trades: Building Construction

Building Trades: Building Construction

house 56 shell
students building a shed in the lab
students sitting on a porch
students repairing a porch
wood frame for a building
group of carpenter students
student working in building trades lab
student on a ladder
house with truck in front of it
house built by students
house built by students
house built by students
semi-truck and wood frame for a building
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Program Advantages

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Student involvement in project-based learning includes participating in real world construction projects, Semester in the South (New Orleans, LA), Solar Decathlon (China and Irvine, CA), and local community projects.

Professional Outlook

Occupational outlook projects 5% job growth each year. Median hourly salary is $23.24. Median annual salary is $48,330. With the career fairs hosted by the college and the employment opportunities available, many students have multiple employment offers.

2019 Occupational Outlook Handbook
Louis S. Zver III, Department Chair
Pioneer Quotes

"The building trades program at Alfred State provided me with knowledge and skills that are demanded by today's fast-paced construction industry. Alfred State's outside-the-box teaching methods and real-world, hands-on approach allowed me to enter the workforce as a project manager with confidence." -Jake Grisewood, '13

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Building Trades Department

"Since graduating, I have had the confidence to do work that I had otherwise no experience doing. My confidence came from the hands-on training I went through. This is just one of the various ways that Alfred State has helped my career." -John Asquith, '14

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