Automotive Service Technician

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ASC ranked No. 4 in the US and No. 1 in NY for auto mechanics

Pioneer Quotes

"Alfred State has given me so many opportunities that no other college would be able to give me." -Nick Shelp, '16

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Automotive Trades 

"Since I was hired at Mastel Ford, I’ve worked with six graduates of the Alfred State automotive program. They come to us with good work ethics and they are well prepared for entry-level employment." -Lori Rich, Service Advisor, Mastel Ford – Lincoln, Olean, NY

Alfred State Rankings and Awards

Bradley Smith, Department Chairman
(Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics May 2022)
Professional Outlook

With extensive job opportunities available, our graduates can earn a median salary of $49,690.

Program Advantages

Alfred State College | Dallas Root, Automotive Service Video

Automotive students are very active, taking their skills to the road. In addition to the daily hands-on, live lab work, many students are involved in project-based learning activities that include competitions in the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, land speed record racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the ELK (Everyone Loves Kids) Charity Challenge, and The Great Race.

Students perform lab exercises on licensed, driven vehicles and have labs taught by experts who have real-world experience.


910 Automotive Services Technician has a Tool/Supplies Lending program

The beginning of the semester can bring with it a lot of expenses. There is a program that may be able to help.

The Tools/Supplies lending program is an initiative to ensure the academic success of our students. The purpose of the loan program is to temporarily lend items.

Funded through a Title III Department of Education Strengthening Institutions Grant, this program provides tools/supplies for students who are not able to afford to immediately purchase them. If a non-disposable item, these need to be returned at the end of the semester.

Students interested in utilizing the program must complete an application. The program is open to eligible students who are in need, although priority is given to first-year students.

Tools/supplies are lent on a first-come, first-served basis for the entire semester to eligible students. There is no cost for the student to participate in this program.

Approved students are given a contract detailing the tools/supplies they have been loaned and when these are due to be returned.

This program has the following items that can be borrowed:

  • Basic Automotive Repair Toolbox and Tool set (first year students only)
  • Laptop

Complete a tool application online.