Applied Psychology - AS & BS

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Students interested in understanding human behavior and wanting to help others will thrive in applied psychology.


Alfred State faculty emphasizes real-world experiences and how to apply your new skills in both of our 2-year and 4-year programs

Our bachelor's degree allows students to also take a deep dive into internships and research analysis.


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Program Advantages

Alfred State's two-year associate degree offers students an opportunity to engage in the psychology field with an applied focus. The program establishes a foundation for entry-level careers. This liberal arts-based curriculum will build communication and critical thinking skills that apply to a variety of professions helping people. Specific coursework includes counseling skills, crisis intervention, abnormal psychology, and professional ethics.

The four-year bachelor's degree adds organizational and problem-solving skills to build on the associate's curriculum by investing only two more years of study. The program also provides students with the necessary knowledge to conduct, write, and implement behavioral assessments. Four-year students will have an opportunity to evaluate, interpret, and present applied psychological research.

Alfred State Program Outcomes for AS & BS

  • Career preparation in the field of applied psychology.
  • Skill development for conducting, writing, and implementing behavioral assessments.
  • Opportunity to evaluate, interpret, and present applied psychological research.
  • Elective options include specific skills for populations of different ages.
  • Students learn and practice counseling skills, behavioral assessment, and crisis intervention.

Project-Based Learning in the Four-Year BS Degree

  • 104-hour internship
  • Students take a research methods class where they can design their own research project.
  • Students complete a capstone project and professional portfolios that allow them to reflect on their experiences and showcase their strengths, capabilities, passions, and competencies for future employment or graduate school.
The applied psychology BS degree is a great background for those who want to be a clinical psychologist, behavioral analyst, or counselor to prepare you for the needed graduate work and certifications.
Professional Outlook
AS Related Careers US Employment Median Pay Job Openings
Social & Human Service Asst. 415,100 $38,520 47,400
Childcare Worker 945,900 $28,520 153,100
Psychiatric Tech/ Aide 139,600 $37,330 15,200
Teaching Assistant 1,298,900 $30,920 151,000

Employers hire associate degree graduates for the positions above. Graduates of the bachelor's degree program gain skills for more advanced positions.

BS Related Careers US Employment Median Pay Job Openings
Social/ Community Svc. Mgr. 178,400 $74,240 16,000
Human Resource Specialist 874,500 $64,240 78,700
Marketing Research Analyst 868,600 $68,230 94,600
Career Photos, Videos, & Stats: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
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