Outdoor Warning SirenIn addition to RAVE Alert, Alfred State utilizes an Outdoor Warning Siren. In the event of a life threatening emergency, the college will activate the Outdoor Warning Siren. When anyone on campus hears this siren, the instructions are:

  • Return to a known safe, indoor location.
  • Employ Shelter-In-Place procedures. The term shelter-in-place means to seek immediate shelter and remain there rather than evacuate the area. Secure yourself, stay quiet. Lock the door and seek out the information on what is causing the emergency by checking for RAVE Alerts.
  • Information on the emergency, including detailed instructions on what to do, will be communicated via RAVE Alert (phone, text, fax, email), website updates, or other methods.
  • Follow the instructions provided by College Officials.

Familiarize yourself with the siren by listening to this audio file: outdoor warning siren recording (MP3, 1MB)