As it is at the beginning of each semester, parking on campus is at a premium. This year is no exception. It is anticipated that our traditional parking lots will be filled and we will be using a number of lesser used lots to accommodate the overflow vehicles for a while.

Although everyone likes to be able to park in a parking lot that is close to their particular residence hall or destination, that is not always possible. Student lots are designated for commuters, upperclassmen, and freshman. Commuters can use any of the three lots, upperclassmen can use either upperclassmen or freshman lots, and freshman are restricted to just freshman lots.

In an effort to alleviate some of the pressure, the parking committee and University Police are asking for your assistance in doing the following:

  • Park in your designated lots in a clearly marked legal parking space.
  • Do not block anyone in.
  • Do not block driving lanes.

If you are a person who has a vehicle on campus but do not use it on a daily basis, consider parking it in one of the lesser used parking lots. This will allow another student who regularly uses their vehicle the ability to park in the more commonly used lots.

The areas that we have designated as lesser used lots on campus include lots #24 and #31. Lot #24 is above Orvis and lot #31 is accessed by driving behind Peet Hall. In addition, we have two other lots on State Rte. 244; lot #42 which is behind the Motorsports building and an area behind the Veterinary Technology Center.

ACES runs a shuttle that will transport students from the Veterinary Technology Center lot to the main campus. Call 607-587-4705 to find out what the ACES pick up schedule is for these lots.

The above mentioned lots are seldom full and using these lots will ease a lot of the initial parking problems.