Summer Prep Academy

Summer Prep Academy

The Summer Prep Academy experience is an inclusive four-week experience designed to enhance your skills in math, reading, writing, and studying (the foundations for college success). You will be introduced to the campus, participate in activities during the day and the evening, and will take care of necessary items to be prepared for your first year. 

Participation in our summer program is a mandatory component of our Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) that better equips our learners with the skills they need to be successful as they make the transition to college life. We're excited to offer this summer transition experience to freshmen accepted through the (EOP) every year.

Traditionally, students enrolled in EOP programs take three years to earn an associate degree and five years for a bachelor's degree, ensuring that they are given an opportunity to pace their learning in a holistic and supportive way as they build a positive academic record.

Students who take full advantage of the learning and engagement during our Summer Prep Academy do have the potential to improve their academic knowledge enough to advance their placements for certain fall classes, which can help students expedite their learning journey. For instance, a student who is fully invested in the summer learning opportunity has the ability to bridge their last math course (high school) with their first math course in the major they have chosen and potentially reduce their time to earn a degree.

SPA Important Dates!

Summer Prep Academy (SPA) will begin Thursday, July 20 through Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.

Jumpstart your journey this summer.

Summer Prep Academy presents you, the student, with a number of opportunities, including:

  • Moving into your residence hall early - the program begins in mid to late July. 
  • Integrated summer orientation in the first week of the program
  • Establishing your computer accounts, creating academic supports, finalizing bill processing if necessary, completing book purchases, and getting acclimated to the offices, services, and support personnel here to assist you with a successful educational opportunity.
  • Taking part in civic engagement opportunities, partnering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.
  • Engaging in many on- and off-campus activities to enhance social awareness, develop your individual growth and mindset, make friends, and forge relationships to support your college success.
  • Experiencing various social and cultural activities to interact with academic success coaches, student peer mentors, and student activities personnel.
  • Opportunities to meet with Financial Aid to complete aid package and paperwork and enhance financial wellness knowledge.

Past Summer Prep Highlights

several students standing at main entrance of campus
several student sitting around a tablestudents playing yard games outside
several students wearing life vests and helmets
students with a rope puzzle

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