Determination of Services

Accommodations, assistive technology, and/or other support services are determined after an assessment of the documentation by the coordinator/counselor for Accessibility Services and a meeting with the student. When determining appropriate and reasonable accommodations, assistive technology, and/or support services, the following will be considered:

  • nature of student’s disability
  • accommodations, assistive technology, and other support services that have successfully assisted the student in the past
  • whether the requested accommodations will allow the student to access and participate in the course, program, or activity
  • whether accommodations will alter the essential requirements of the course or program for which they are requested*

*The college is not required to alter or modify a course or program to the extent that it changes its fundamental nature.

Universal Design

Alfred State strives to be an accessible campus. If a student requires physical accommodations in order to make the learning environment assessable, the student must alert the Office of Accessibility Services, providing reasonable lead time, so that the request for accommodation can be reviewed and addressed appropriately. Examples of physical accommodations needed may include, but are not limited to closed captioning, FM systems, sign language interpreters, mobility impairments, etc.