Certification Exam Policy

Alfred State students with documented disabilities cannot be denied access to appropriate accommodations on program-required certification examinations. If a current Alfred State student needs to take a certification exam administered by an external agency and wishes to utilize accommodative services, the student will be responsible for:

  • contacting the appropriate external certification testing agency to establish and verify the timeframe for requesting use of accommodations
  • allowing for sufficient time between notifying the testing agency of the need for accommodations and the scheduled exam for accommodative arrangements to be made
  • self-identifying to the appropriate examination officer upon arrival at the examination site
  • notifying the Office of Accessibility Services in the instance that they will be providing the accommodations

The Office of Accessibility Services will only provide accommodative services for current ASC students appropriately registered with the Office of Accessibility Services. These services will be offered on either the Alfred or Wellsville campus and only during established office hours or by special arrangement. Alfred State will make every reasonable effort to accommodate student request(s).

Note: Alfred State will provide the accommodative services, if requested and approved by the external certification testing agency, as pre-arranged though the external certification testing agency and the student taking the exam with Alfred State’s Office of Accessibility Services.