Procedure for Requesting Accommodations

The basic responsibility for requesting an accommodation of any kind lies with the student. Students eligible for services/accommodations must meet with the coordinator/counselor of Student Accessibility Services at the beginning of each semester. After reviewing the student’s documentation and class schedule, the coordinator/counselor will determine appropriate accommodations on an individual basis. The student’s accommodations, recommended assistive technology, and support services will be put in letter form by the coordinator/counselor and delivered by the student to respective faculty.

Students are urged to make known their needs for accommodations as early as possible to allow sufficient time for proper consideration of the accommodation, exploration of alternatives, and resolution of differences in the case of disagreement regarding the suggested accommodation(s).

If students fail to self-identify and/or provide adequate documentation of a disability, they will be unable to access accommodations.

Students need to be able to articulate their disability needs and how those needs impact their academic life. They are encouraged to share information with their instructors about their disability, as appropriate.

Once an exam has already been taken, with or without accommodations, there is no recourse through Student Accessibility Services for re-administration of that exam. If there are any concerns, those concerns should be addressed directly with the faculty member by the student.

If you have concerns regarding being provided approved accommodations:

  1. Approach the professor. It is recommended that the student approach the professor during office hours or by appointment. It is further recommended that the student approach the professor well in advance of the exam so that if arrangements need to be made there will be ample time to make those arrangements.
  2. If the professor is unwilling or unable to provide the approved and requested accommodations, the student should contact the Office of Accessibility Services on the campus which the class is being held on, to request accommodations. The Office of Accessibility Services may be able to assist the student with receiving accommodations and also assist the professor with providing the appropriate accommodations. The Office of Accessibility Services may also be able to assist with clearing up any confusion regarding receipt/delivery of accommodations.
  3. If the concerns persist and no resolution seems to be forthcoming, the student may file a grievance (see Grievance Procedure for further information).