Internships in Italy

two female students in a bakery

Bailey Stewart, technology management internship baking at Don Peppe’s

While studying abroad, internship opportunities are possible in many areas including but not limited to:

  • Business administration, communication and marketing
  • Sport fitness management
  • Hospitality
  • Culinary arts
  • Baking
  • Journalism
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Environmental studies
  • Veterinary science
  • Higher education civic engagement

Internship placement can occur during the Fall, Spring or Summer and can be tailored to suit various credit hours:

  • Lower level BUAD 1043 Occupational Experience 3 credits
  • Upper level Internship
    • TMGT 8103 3 credits
    • TMGT 8106 6 credits
    • TMGT 8109 9 credits
    • TMGT 8112 12 credits

Most students select a 3 or 6 credit internship experience balancing the work experience with courses applicable to their degree. Alfred State program coordinators will work with Sant’Anna and interested students to find the appropriate placement given students desires and abilities.

Although most internships can be conducted in English, your ability to navigate the Italian language will certainly provide you with a more robust experience. If students do not have prior experience with the language we highly recommend pairing your internship with an Italian course. The more effort you put in, the greater your overall experience will be and the more marketable you become.

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Testimonials from our interns:

  • Baking: “Don Peppe’s is a quaint pastry shop off the main street in Sorrento, Italy. Coming to Sorrento, I was excited to immerse myself into the culture and traditional pastries of this region. I came here to learn how to prepare pastries from the area but took away so much more. The life of a pastry chef in Italy is not all about where you go to school or how much money you have. It is about the passion you have for the art.” Bailey Stewart, technology management BBA (pictured above)
  • Veterinary technology: “Gli amici del Cuore Ambulatorio Veterinario is a veterinary clinic located in Sorrento, Italy. They have a large passion for the rehabilitation of the patient. The clinic provides quality veterinary services to all clients and educates them on proper care for their pet. Before coming here, I was lacking in motivation for my field. This experience greatly changed my perspective, and I now remember why I got into the veterinary technology field in the first place. I had certain expectations and they were not only met but exceeded. I now look forward to going into my internship and learning how I can help each patient based on their needs.” Cassandra Parker, technology management BBA
  • Culinary:ristorante tasso. When arriving in Sorrento, and stepping foot into a traditional Italian restaurant, I expected not to be taken very seriously. I was adamant about throwing everyone’s preconceptions out the window and working hard in order to make a name for myself. I was pleasantly surprised when the staff welcomed me with open arms and was willing to teach me their craft.” Tsu Zhu, technology management BBA
Dianne Clark, associate professor of Business/co-coordinator for Sant'Anna internships

Dianne Clark, associate professor of Business/co-coordinator for Sant'Anna internships

“International internships can serve as a powerful link between students’ education and career goals fostering both professional growth and intercultural awareness. Study abroad internship experiences add immense value. Students can grow as a person, become more independent; experience first-hand international business cultures and communication styles, build their resume – gaining a competitive edge in the job market, as employers realize how important an international experience is in today’s global marketplace. Our students become global citizens ready to contribute in their field.” Dianne Clark, associate professor of Business