Center for Renewable Energy


Widespread implementation of green building technologies and renewable energy in Upstate New York, supported by consumer and workforce education and training. Alfred State will be the leading institution in the Northeastern U.S. in educating and training students in these technologies.


The Center for Renewable Energy will educate our workforce to design, implement, and operate green building and renewable energy technologies.  The Center will work with businesses, including farms, to implement technologies that reduce production costs and to sustain the environment.

Capacity of ASC to Train Students in Renewable Energy

Energy Technology

Alfred State trains more students for the construction industry than any other college in New York State.  The college is known for a hands-on, "learning by doing" pedagogy where students train with "real-world" projects where "live work" is conducted on job sites and on campus. This work includes home construction in a subdivision owned by the Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc., and construction of various facilities for local not-for-profit organizations.

The Applied Technology Campus currently has the only college-level carpentry, masonry, electrician and HVAC training facility in the Southern Tier of New York State. The college is also one of the few colleges to have architectural technology and construction management programs in the region.

The integration of energy conservation, alternative energy use and sustainable building design education and training into Alfred State's academic programs would substantially increase the use of green building technologies in New York State.  The design of the building envelope is important when renewable energy systems are applied. The implementation of renewable energy will be more successful if the total use of energy and the building envelope is improved as part of overall green systems.

Academic programs that would benefit from this integration include Architectural Technology, Construction Management, Building Trades (carpentry, masonry and HVAC), and Electrician Trades.  Most of these skilled workers are in short supply and high demand. It is our commitment to expand their educational experience to include both green building and renewable energy.