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One of the greatest hopes for college graduates is that their education builds a skillset that leads to future success and the ability to make a positive difference in the world.

While speaking at the 113th Commencement Ceremony, Alfred State Student Senate President Kaytlin Cottrell said, “Today, we celebrate not just the culmination of our academic achievements but also the beginning of a journey into the unknown. As we step out into the world, we are armed with knowledge, skills, and a passion to make a difference.”

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Mary Perkins

Across the media headlines there are stories with discouraging news for higher education. Some colleges have had to close while others are making huge adjustments. Alfred State continues in a positive direction with a bright outlook. Recently ASC President Dr. Steven Mauro provided a video update to share specific and exciting news.

If you want to be involved or visit the campus, please contact me anytime by emailing Mary Perkins or calling 607-587-3932.


Thu, 08/15/2024 - 5:00pm

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in Student Scholarships

Dave Gagnon, Owen Sheldon, and Dr. Steven Mauro

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Gamma Theta Gamma celebrated the announcement of the first recipient of the TG Endowed Scholarship. Dave Gagnon, '84, established the scholarship at the TG 102nd anniversary quoted Bob Marley before announcing the inaugural recipient, “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but on his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

The positive impact and the legacy of TG was celebrated when Owen Sheldon was announced as the recipient of the TG Endowed Scholarship.

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Grateful for the Past

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On March 11, we partnered with our admissions department at an Accepted Student Day in New York City. Alumni speaker, Andrew Mulchinski, '87 gave insight to the accepted students on the transition from city to Alfred life. Seeing the connections between accepted students and alumni was a complete circle. It was amazing how many family members or friends of our accepted students are alumni of Alfred State!

Photo of the scholarship committee met with Assistant Dean of the School of Applied Technology Jennifer Noble during their visit to the Northland Workforce Training Center.
The scholarship committee met with Assistant Dean of the School of Applied Technology Jennifer Noble during their visit to the Northland Workforce Training Center.

It was a great event that gave insight into what the acceptance process is like, what students will experience on campus, and an opportunity for our alumni to connect with accepted students!

The Buffalo Chapter Alumni Group

The Buffalo Chapter Alumni group has been living up to its mission statement, “To utilize talents and time to give back to both the College and local community.”

They have been hosting regional events consistently and want to continue to make a difference in helping students through scholarship support.

On May 2, the scholarship committee toured the Northland Workforce Training Center where Alfred State teaches associate degree programs in Electrical Construction and Maintenance Electrician, CNC Manufacturing and Machining, and Welding Technology. Following the tour, the scholarship committee discussed the importance of giving back to students in Erie County and helping them with the financial aspect of attending Alfred State College. If you are interested in contributing to this scholarship please contact Mary Perkins.

Every Alfred State alumnus has a story,
and we want your story to be told.

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Do you have exciting news (promotion, marriage, birth, etc.) to share? Are you getting together with a group of alumni? Do you want to serve on a college advisory board? Do you want to give back financially to the College? We want to hear from you!

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