College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

College Level Examination Program - The College Board

  • All CLEP Examinations must be the SUBJECT exam
  • Many of these examinations have an optional Essay section, Alfred State students must take the essay section in order to be eligible to receive credit.   

CLEP is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students the opportunity to obtain recognition for college-level achievement. Personal reading, on-the-job experience, adult school or correspondence courses, or televised or taped courses may have prepared these students to earn college credit.

Course Name Grade Required Alfred State Equivalent
Composition & Literature
American Literature 50+ LITR 3233 & 4333-Surv of Amer Lit I & II
Analysis & Interpreting Literature 50+ LITR 2603-Intro to Literature
College Composition* 50+ COMP 1503-Freshman Composition
College Composition Modular* 50+ COMP 1503-Freshman Composition
English Literature 50+ GEHU 9100-Gen Ed Humanities Elective
Humanities 50+ GEHU 9100-Gen Ed Humanities Elective
Foreign Languages
French Language 50+ GEFL 9100-Gen Ed Foreign Lang Elective
German Language 50+ GEFL 9100-Gen Ed Foreign Lang Elective
Spanish Language 50+ SPAN 1203-Spanish I
History & Social Science
American Government 50+ PLSC 1043-American Government
History of the US I: Early Col to 1877 50+ HIST 1143-Surv of American Hist I
History of the US II: 1865 to Present 50+ HIST 2153-Surv of American Hist II
Human Growth & Development 50+ PSYC 1023-Human Development
Introduction to Educational Psychology 50+ TE 8800-Open Transfer Elective
Principles of Macroeconomics 50+ ECON 1013-Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics 50+ ECON 2023-Microeconomics
Introductory Psychology 50+ PSYC 1013-General Psychology
Introductory Sociology 50+ SOCI 1163-General Sociology
Social Sciences and History 50+ TE 8800-Open Transfer Elective
Western Civ I: Ancient Near East to 1648 50+ GEWC 9100 – Gen Ed Western Civ Elective
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present 50+ HIST 1113 - History of Western Civ Since 1648
Science and Mathematics
Biology 50-59 BIOL 1104-General Biology I
  60+ BIOL 1104 & 2204-General Biology I & II
Calculus 50-59 MATH 1084-Calculus I
  60+ MATH 1084 & 2094-Calculus I & II
Chemistry 50-59 CHEM 1984-Chem Principles I
  60+ CHEM 1984- & 2984-Chem Principles I & II
College Algebra 50+ MATH 1033-College Algebra
College Mathematics 50+ MATH 1143 - Liberal Arts Math I
Natural Sciences 50+ GENS 9100-Gen Ed Natural Sci Elective
Precalculus 50+ MATH 1054-Precalculus
Financial Accounting 60+ ACCT 1124 & 2224-Financial & Managerial Acct
Information Systems and Computer Applications 50+ CISY 8800 - Computer Info Systems Elective 
Introductory Business Law 50+ BUAD 3043-Business Law I
Principles of Management 50+ BUAD 3153-Fundamentals of Management 
Principles of Marketing 50+ MKTG 2073-Principles of Marketing

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