1-800-4-ALFRED (425-3733)
Telephone System Upgrade

The campus is upgrading the phone system this week. There may be service interuptions or delays placing calls to campus.


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Department Details
Agriculture & Veterinary Technology

Dr. Philip Schroeder, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3983
Secretary phone: 607-587-4714
Email: SchroePD@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Architecture & Design

William Dean, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4628
Fax: 607-587-4620
Secretary phone: 607-587-4696
Email: deanwc@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Automotive Trades

Kent Johnson, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3118
Secretary phone: 607-587-3117
Email: johnsokw@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Building Trades

George Richardson, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4574
Secretary phone: 607-587-4130
Email: richargh@alfredstate.edu

Department Details

Francine Staba, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3422
Secretary phone: 607-587-3413
Email: stabafm@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Civil Engineering Technology

Jeffrey K. Marshall, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4649
Fax: 607-587-4620
Secretary phone: 607-587-4616
Email: marshajk@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Computer & Information Technology

James Boardman, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3454
Secretary phone: 607-587-3453
Email: BoardmJH@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Computerized Design and Manufacturing

Karen Young, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3182
Secretary phone: 607-587-3115
Email: youngkk@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Culinary Arts

John Santora, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3168
Secretary phone: 607-587-3170
Email: SantorJM@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Digital Media & Animation

Tammy Brackett, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4659
Secretary phone: 607-587-4696
Email: BrackeTR@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Electrical Trades

Jeff Stevens, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3146
Secretary phone: 607-587-3115
Email: stevenjs@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
English & Humanities

Calista McBride, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4183
Secretary phone: 607-587-4180
Email: mcbridca@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Mathematics & Physics

Mark D’Arcy, Interim Chair
Phone: 607-587-4259
Secretary phone: 607-587-4270
Email: DarcyME@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Technology

Dr. Edward G. Tezak, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4661
Secretary phone: 607-587-4617
Email: tezakeg@alfredstate.edu

Department Details

Dr. Robert Curry, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4235
Secretary phone: 607-587-3672 or 3680
Email: curryrl@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Physical & Life Sciences

Mark J. Amman, Chair
Phone: 607-587-3694
Secretary phone: 607-587-3672 or 3680
Email: ammanmj@alfredstate.edu

Department Details
Social & Behavioral Sciences

Michael J. Cobb, Chair
Phone: 607-587-4189
Secretary phone: 607-587-4282
Email: cobbmj@alfredstate.edu