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students sits in her dorm room with a warm drink

Meet the Students - Rachel Hooper

Fri, Jan 19th, 2024

“Coming to Alfred State I was nervous about making friends, but it was super easy to meet new people and learn about people from across the country.” 

Rachel Hooper

student practices on ultrasound

Meet the Students - Gianna Gotte

Mon, Dec 18th, 2023

“My professors are student oriented. They make you very comfortable asking questions. They go above and beyond to help you and make sure you understand things.  I have never felt like I couldn’t go to my professor for something.”

Jenna Zetwick receiving award from Student Senate President Kaytlin Cottrell.

Jenna Zetwick receives Alfred State Student Advocate Award

Thu, Aug 31st, 2023

“She is such a positive teacher that keeps our entire class going especially on the harder, more overwhelming days. She is like a mother and is our biggest supporter getting through this challenging program.”

Student Advocate Award nominator

Student scans a patient.

Meet the Students - Chelsea Whitesell

Mon, Jul 31st, 2023

“It is a small tight-knit class. We all know each other, and we all have bonded not only over the degree but our own personal experiences. We go through the difficult times together and celebrate the positive times.”

Career Signing Day recognized how students have landed their job prior to graduation at Alfred State and won a statewide award for innovative public relations initiatives.

Alfred State Launches Microsite and Wins More Awards

Thu, Jun 29th, 2023

“Alfred State is known for preparing graduates to hit the ground running with career skills and has a reputation for how our caring community of faculty and staff go above and beyond to support students.”

Dr. Craig Clark, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Economic Development.

Alfred State assistant nursing professor Tara Histed shows a group of attendees to the healthcare forum one of the simulation labs that students receive hands-on instruction.

Alfred State hosts forum focusing on enhancing the local healthcare workforce

Mon, Jan 23rd, 2023

“Any time we come together with people in the field and share the opportunities we have to strengthen the professional workforce is beneficial. We were able to outline the educational programs we have to offer here ...”

student sitting at a computer in a healthcare facility

Meet the Students - Raeha Dixon

Wed, Dec 14th, 2022

“I’ve learned many things about different cultures in healthcare, different systematic processes that healthcare businesses and facilities use, and also how to excel as a leader in my career.”

Raeha Dixon

Alfred State assistant Nursing professor Tara Histed works at the event in 2021.

Alfred State assists Remote Area Medical Clinic in Belmont

Wed, Sep 7th, 2022

Alfred State students and faculty will be involved in the Remote Area Medical (RAM) free clinic at Genesee Valley Central School on September 24-25. 

Sarah Claud receiving award from Student Senate President Soumya Konar.

Claud receives Alfred State Student Advocate Award

Mon, Aug 29th, 2022

Alfred State College (ASC) recognized Sarah Claud, clinical coordinator for diagnostic sonography in the Allied Health Department, as the recipient of the Student Advocate Award.

Students and instructor use medical imaging equipment

Alfred State offers computed tomography and MRI certificate programs

Mon, Jul 26th, 2021

Alfred State College is excited to announce the addition of two new certificate programs in computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), both of which are designed to help working imaging professionals advance their careers and skills sets.