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Alfred State Leadership Program

Alfred State Leadership Program

At Alfred State, we value student leadership development. Leadership development is available from two different sources, one is academic, and one is co-curricular. The leadership minor is intended to expose students to existing courses and experiential credits (internship or practicum experiences) at Alfred State that focus on, and include, leadership topics. One of the single greatest determining factors of college and workplace success is the ability to be a highly effective leader. Leadership skills are valued and respected and have become increasingly pursued in the workforce. The leadership minor will provide students with essential leadership qualities and principles that will enhance and solidify success both in the classroom and the workplace.

Along with the leadership minor, we are proud to offer the Alfred State Leadership Programs. The Leadership Programs consist of three levels built around the five spheres of wellness, which are career well-being, social well-being, financial well-being, physical well-being, and community well-being. Students who participate in this program will attend workshops and other events allowing them to learn more about maintaining wellness in these five categories. For more information about the Alfred State Leadership Programs, please stop into the Office of Student Engagement, which is housed in the Student Leadership Center, suite 204, or email us at

Nine students sit around a square table watching a presentation by another student on "OCEAN  Five Factor Model of Personality". The students appear engaged in the presentation.

Student Rob Privatera presents at the Leadership Summit.