Welding Technology

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students in welding lab
student in the welding lab
students in welding lab
students in welding lab
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ASC Ranked Top 5 in the US, Colleges with Welding Technology /Welder
2018 U.S. News and World Report
Program Advantages: 

The welding technology program is taught according to the standards set by the American Welders Society (AWS) and is AWS certified. Students will complete AWS Level I, standards for an entry-level welder, their first year. AWS Level II, advanced welder, is taught during the second year.

Professional Outlook: 

Positions include welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers. The median annual wage for these positions was $38,150 in May 2015.

2015 Occupational Outlook Handbook
Bradley Thompson, Interim Department Chairman
Pioneer Quotes: 

"The new faculty and amount of lab time was a key factor in my decision to be in welding at Alfred State." -Dan Gower, '17

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"I knew others who came through welding and they got great jobs!" -Madelyn Wellington, '17

"Alfred State's welding program is one of the best, I figured with their 99% placement - it would be great!" -Tyler Towsend, '17

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