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Link, Kathryn A


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Assistant Professor
Physical and Life Sciences
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Physical and Health Sciences Bldg.
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EPLP Mentor
Kathryn Link (Relator, Responsibility, Consistency, Learner, Achiever) has taught at many places and many classes from How Your Body Works to Animal Behavior to Endocrinology. She now teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition. She, her husband, Ben, and their two kids, Aidan and Avery, enjoy living in Alfred Station where you can wake up to the sound of raccoons unscrewing the compost bin lid or sit and watch the five deer in your backyard nibble on grass while eying the garden (and eying you). Kathryn is a native Texan where she earned her BS in Biology and MS in Zoology from Texas A&M. She then travelled to Winnipeg (AKA Windypeg and Winterpeg), Manitoba, CA, where she earned her PhD in Zoology from the University of Manitoba. Thinking that here was much warmer than Canada, she took a job in Alfred and never left. Kathryn enjoys swimming, sailing, fresh garden food, Keuka Lake (in the summer), and a good wood stove (in the winter). Her latest passion is baking bread. She is up to four “perfected” recipes, samples provided upon request.