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Amati, Jill P


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Assistant Professor
Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Hunter Student Development Center
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EPLP Mentor
Jill Amati (Learner, Positivity, Ideation, Intellection, Developer) was born in Texas, and realized at an early age she was not meant for hot, humid climate or flat, lifeless topography! So, upon graduation, she headed north to the University of Washington for college and enjoyed the virtues of cooler air, mountains, trees and post-grunge Seattle. Her years after college included a myriad of travels to over 50 countries as well as a tour of the United States exploring exciting sites such as the Museum of Quackery in Minnesota and the Tupperware Museum in Florida. Her travels led her to develop a deep interest in people and diverse cultures and awakened her calling to the world of anthropology. Jill returned to school to complete her PhD in cultural anthropology. While working on her degree she also developed a love of teaching. Today she teaches anthropology and sociology courses in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Alfred State. When not at school, Jill continues to enjoy cool air, mountains and trees, but now with the company of her husband and two-year old twins.