Architecture students envision future of Buffalo-area mall

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - 09:45

With the Eastern Hills Mall in Clarence having lost a number of tenants over the past few years, a group of Alfred State College (ASC) architecture students recently developed a comprehensive study to revolutionize the site into a new, first-of-its-kind lifestyle center.

Speaking to members of the Clarence Town Board, ASC architecture Design Studio 5 students recently presented their idea, which involves creating a huge campus where people would live, work, and play. The students say it is designed for everyone, with a particular emphasis on those with disabilities.

Instead of demolishing the buildings, the students found it made more sense to use some of the existing structures on the site. Buffalo TV news station WGRZ covered the students’ presentation to the board, and asked Dr. Alex Bitterman, chair of the Alfred State Architecture and Design Department, how this impressive project would be funded.

“What we say in architecture school is we’ve had a Swiss budget for this project,” he said. “We’ve dreamed very big, very large. So where will the dollars come from? That’s a very interesting question because at this point, this is one potential project for this site of many potential projects that could happen on this site.”

According to WGRZ, the owners have said they want to work with other developers to turn the area into a mixed-use residential and retail site, and that if the right buyer comes along, it could be entirely sold.

View the Eastern Hills Mall television story: Courtesy WGRZ