Fitness stations added to Pioneer Trail

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 08:15

Alfred State is proud to announce the newest additions to the Pioneer Trail system on campus – four newly installed fitness stations that are now ready for use.

With the addition of these new stations, there are now five total along the trails, allowing people to get a fully-body workout while hiking or jogging and taking in the valley’s scenic beauty. The stations now include a balance beam, push-up bar, horizontal ladder/monkey bars, pull-up bars, and a sit-up bar/bench.

Student Senate gifted the fitness stations to the college, and the installation of these stations was completed this summer by Andrew Heslink, coordinator of Campus Recreation, with the assistance of others within the Office of Student Engagement.

Heslink stated, “It is exciting to have these fitness stations in place because now people are also able to increase their upper body and core strengths, while using the trails to increase their lower body and cardiovascular strengths, giving them a full-body workout.”

Director of Student Engagement Troy Morehouse noted, “The trails are open for use to members of the community in addition to students and faculty, so the public is invited to come check them out, as well.”

Offering 4.5 miles of trails and gorgeous views of nearby scenery, the Pioneer Trail system officially opened in October 2016. Located within a 200-acre wooded area behind the Orvis Activities Center on campus, the trail includes three hikes to challenge all levels of physical fitness.

Pictured is the sit-up bar/bench fitness station located along Alfred State’s Pioneer Trail system on campus.
Pictured is the sit-up bar/bench fitness station located along the Pioneer Trail system on campus.