Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology - Facilities

The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology department offers extensive laboratories to support each program with equipment, instrumentation, and test facilities directly related to each field of specialization. These facilities provide the practical experience needed by today’s technical graduates. The application of computers for analysis, data acquisition, data reduction, report writing, and technical presentations is also emphasized throughout the programs.

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Civil Engineering Technology - Facilities

The Civil Engineering Technology department offers all students in the department use of extensive laboratory facilities that enhance each student's learning experience as it relates to his/her chosen program.

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Business Department - Faculty

FRANCINE M. STABAFRANCINE M. STABA (1994) -Associate Professor & Chair
BS - Bloomsburg University
MBA - Alfred University
Phone: 607-587-3422

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Mathematics and Physics - Faculty

DR. KATHLEEN C. EBERTDR. KATHLEEN C. EBERT (1993) - Professor & Chair
AA - Alfred State College
BA - Alfred University
MA - SUNY Buffalo
PhD - University at Buffalo
Phone: 607-587-4259

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Mathematics and Physics - Facilities

The physics laboratories are well equipped with apparatus to facilitate learning by direct experience and to provide students with an opportunity to "discover" many principles on their own. The laboratory instructor is a member of the regular teaching staff and, in most cases, is the same instructor that the student has for the physics lecture session.

Facilities include a linear air track, lasers, air table, x-ray recorders, gamma spectrometers, oscilloscopes, precision electrical measuring devices, strobe lights, precision timers, and an 8-inch Cassegrain telescope, as well as a large collection of traditional physics apparatus, many of which are used directly by the students in their laboratory work. In addition, the Mathematics/Physics Department has an extensive collection of audio visual materials.

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Mathematics and Physics

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science (AA)
Pre-Environmental Science and Forestry (AA)
Undeclared Major

For more info, please contact Dr. Kathleen Ebert, Chair, phone: 607-587-4259, secretary phone: 607-587-4270, email Address:

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Computer and Information Technology - Faculty

JAMES BOARDMANJAMES BOARDMAN (2004) - Assistant Professor and Chair
BS - Cornell University
MS - University of Southern Mississippi
Phone: 607-587-3454

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Business Department - Facilities

The primary residence of the Business Department is on the second, third, and fourth floors of EJ Brown Hall. The department has full access to large, well-lit instructional classrooms and controls no less than three computer labs. Business students have a home and comfort zone. The department has an identity and area of pride.

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