Physical and Life Sciences - Facilities

The Physical and Life Sciences department is located in the newly renovated Physical and Health Sciences Building. Four science-ready lecture rooms are on the first floor with eight laboratories found on the second and third floors for the biological sciences and the forensics science technology programs. The laboratories are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, anatomic models, and up-to-date application software for teaching and learning as well as for independent study and research.

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Architecture and Design - Faculty

WILLIAM C. DEANWILLIAM C. DEAN, RA, AIA, LEED® AP (2000) - Professor & Chair
AAS - Alfred State College
BPS, MArch - University at Buffalo
Registered Architect - New York
Phone: 607-587-4698

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Nursing - Faculty

DR. LISA HARMONDR. LISA HARMON (2012) - Associate Professor & Chair
PhD - Walden University
MS - Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
BS - Pennsylvania State University
Phone: 607-587-4129

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Nursing - Facilities

360 Virtual TourThe Nursing Department is located in the Physical and Health Sciences Building, a beautiful new “showcase” facility which opened in 2012 following an $18.5M renovation project.

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Architecture and Design - Facilities

The Department of Architecture and Design offers all students in the department use of extensive laboratory facilities that enhance each student's learning experience as it relates to his/her chosen program.

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Nursing (AAS)
Nursing (BS-N)

For more info, please contact Dr. Lisa Harmon, Chair, phone: 607-587-4129, secretary phone: 607-587-3672 or 3680, email:

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Architecture and Design

Architecture (BArch)
Architectural Technology (BS)
Architectural Technology (AAS)
Interior Design (AAS)

For more info, please contact William Dean, Chair, phone: 607-587-4628, fax: 607-587-4620
Secretary phone: 607-587-4696, email address:

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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology - Faculty

DR. EDWARD G. TEZAKDR. EDWARD G. TEZAK (1998) - SUNY Distinguished Service Professor & Chair
BS - US Military Academy
PhD - VPI & SU
PE - Virginia
Phone: 607-587-4661

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Civil Engineering Technology - Faculty

JEFFREY K. MARSHALLJEFFREY K. MARSHALL (1998) - Associate Professor & Chair
AAS - Alfred State College
BSCE - University at Buffalo
MBA - Rochester Institute of Technology
PE - New York
Phone: 607-587-4649

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