Meet the Student Ambassadors

Meet the Student Ambassadors

The best way to learn about Alfred State is from the students who are here now! Our student ambassadors can answer your questions on all things Alfred State, its students and the community. Where's the best place to study on campus? What's the food really like? And is there really another college directly across the street? (Answer: Yes!). Through campus tours, hosting students overnight, and conversations on the telephone, Ambassadors have unique contact with prospective students and their families. As one of the most trusted sources in the admissions process, Ambassadors provide prospective students with authentic representations of the experience at Alfred State. They have a wide range of majors, and their interests and extracurricular activities are equally diverse.

Meet our Student Ambassadors!

Visit the Campus! Our Student Ambassadors give campus tours and host students overnight. By working closely with the Admissions staff, these students offer a unique perspective from one of Alfred's best and brightest.

Sign up for more information! By completing our inquiry form and including your telephone number, you’ll receive phone calls from our student ambassadors throughout the enrollment process. They will inform you of important events on and off-campus, congratulate you on your acceptance, and provide helpful reminders.

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