Tutoring and Support Services

Alfred State is committed to helping our students grow both personally and academically. We appreciate the many challenges our international students face with adjusting to not only a new academic setting, but also an entirely new culture.

In an effort to help you stay connected with the wonderful support services available on campus, each new international student will be paired with what we call a Student Success Coach. This coach will serve as an additional support to you and further connect you with valuable academic resources while you make the transition to your new environment.

There are a multitude of academic support resources available to our students through the Student Success Center from ESL, learning labs, and private or group tutoring sessions.

Check out the wonderful tutoring labs available. If you don’t see the support service for the course work you are needing help in, you can always request a tutor by filling out the request contract located on the Student Success Center's Looking for a Tutor page.

Should you have any difficulties or concerns, the International Student Service Office wants you to know you can always reach out. We are here to help you!