Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Requirements

This page contains important information. Please read it carefully.

Portfolio requirements are different for incoming first-year students and students transferring internally and from community colleges, other colleges, and other universities. Please be sure you follow the correct instructions for your application type.

All applicants to the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) program at Alfred State must submit a digital portfolio. Applicants to other Department of Architecture + Design programs (4-year BS-Architectural Technology, 2-year AAS-Architectural Technology, 2-year AAS -Interior design) do not need to submit a portfolio. The overall design portfolio should include ten (10) to twenty (20) examples of the applicant’s very best creative work and creative process. All images should be clear and well-lighted (not blurry or pixelated) and include a short description of the student’s own work. The description should include: when the work was completed, the medium (materials) used to create the work, the date of completion, the dimensions of the original work, and whether the work was completed as a personal project or as an academic project. If the work presented was part of a group effort, the description should clearly identify any other group members and state the student’s specific role and contribution. Be sure to check spelling in any descriptions in your portfolio.

Please note: The capacity of the BArch (curriculum 649) program is limited. Acceptance is dependent on a number of factors and guaranteed acceptance or seamless transfer is not implied or guaranteed. Portfolios will be reviewed once and feedback (beyond a binary “accept” or “not accept”) is not provided to the applicant. Applicants may not resubmit a portfolio once it has been reviewed, so please be sure that your first submission represents your best work.

First-Year Applicants (students applying to 5-Year BArch program)

External Transfer Students (students applying to 5-Year BArch program)

Internal 2nd and 3rd Year Students (Alfred State students currently enrolled in curriculums 322 or 640)

I haven’t taken any art classes. Can I submit a portfolio?

Absolutely! The projects included in your portfolio can be from anywhere as long as they are your own design and creation. Most creative individuals have creative hobbies (such as woodworking or sculpture). You may include any creative work in your portfolio, though your portfolio should show some ability of understanding buildings, spaces, and the built environment.

What should my portfolio include?

Every portfolio is unique. Your portfolio should include visual representations of your best and most creative work. Your portfolio shouldn’t be a collection of every creative project you’ve ever done. Edit your selections and show only your best work.

How much does it cost to sign up for the SlideRoom online portfolio site?

There is a nominal fee of between $10 and $15.

I have a large painting that I completed in art class. How do I present that in a digital portfolio?

Use your smart phone or digital camera to take a clear, well-lighted picture of the work. Show the work on a neutral background, free from any visual distractions. Crop out unnecessary objects from the images so that there are no distractions from work presented.

What do 2D and 3D mean?

Generally, 2D means flat and 3D means not flat. 2D work includes drawings, photographs, sketches, paintings, and graphic work, while 3D includes work such as sculpture, models, and examples of built work.

Can I use Photoshop to edit my images before I upload them?

Yes. If the image files of your work are not accurate after photographing, image-editing software is allowed to correct the appearance of the files you are submitting. Please use caution. It is important to maintain the integrity of the original artwork. Images should be clear and free of reflections or “hot spots.”