NYSDOT Welding Certification

Program Information

This welding certification is to qualify welders to work on NYSDOT projects. The certification is not for employment with the NYSDOT.

Certification requires maintaining a work record. This certification requires that a qualified person sign off every six months that documents welding work has been conducted. A lapse in a work record will require recertification testing.

This certification is based upon performance testing of the weld coupons by x-ray inspection by the NYSDOT in Albany. Welders may be tested using the Manual Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) process.

Welders employed for specific Department projects may take any welder qualification test described in the Steel Construction Manual to qualify for processes, positions and types of welds to be used in the work. Welders not employed on Department projects will only be tested using the one inch vertical (3G) and/or overhead (4G) groove weld test using the shield metal-arc welding process.

Welders must supply his or her own gear and welding rod. The rod must be E 7018 5/32 or 1/8 electrode (no exceptions).

Welding Test Types

  • 3G (One-inch Vertical)
  • 4G (Overhead Groove)


$399 per test type. This covers the steel plates, coupons and mailings of the test kits to Albany for X-ray.

Please note that each type is considered one test. If needing to test for both 3G and 4G, the cost of the exam will be $798.

Please make the check payable to Alfred State College and address it to the address below.

Center for Extended Learning Alfred State College
10 Upper College Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
Phone: 607-587-4015
Fax 607-587-3295
Email: ExtendedLearning@alfredstate.edu

Payment must be received before your certification date and is nonrefundable.

Dates Available

Examinations will be held by appointment. Note that we require a minimum of five exams taken for each testing date.  No more than 10 exams can be taken on any testing date.


The exam will be proctored at:

Alfred State College Wellsville Campus
Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Center (SAMC)
2530 River Road
Wellsville, NY 14895

Retest Information

Any individual who has failed the welder qualification test may take a scheduled retest using a single test plate at any time, provided they produce a written statement from a welding school or a state-certified welder stating they had 40 hours of extra training at minimum.


Call 607-587-4015 or email extendedlearning@alfredstate.edu for any assistance you need.