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Summer Prep Academy

summer prep academy

We're excited to offer a summer transition experience to freshmen accepted through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Traditionally, students enrolled through this program take three years to earn an associate degree, and five years for a bachelor's degree, but the Summer Prep Academy will potentially allow you to enroll directly into your degree program without the added year. This will occur by bridging your last math course (high school) with your first math course in the major you have chosen and potentially reduce your time to earn a degree.

The Prep Academy is an inclusive four-week experience designed to enhance your skills in math, reading, writing, and studying (the foundations for college success). You will be introduced to the campus, participate in activities during the day and the evening, and will take care of necessary items to be prepared for your first year. A career exploration will also be available for students who are undecided or may be interested in changing their major.

Jumpstart your journey this summer

Summer Prep Academy presents you, the student, with a number of opportunities, including:

  • Moving into your residence hall early - the program begins Tuesday, July 25
  • Integrated summer orientation on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25-26. Parents may participate in the family portion of orientation.
  • Meeting with an academic representative to make your course schedule.
  • Establishing your computer accounts, creating academic supports, finalizing bill processing if necessary, completing book purchases, and getting acclimated to the offices, services, and support personnel here to assist you with a successful educational opportunity.
  • Taking part in Habitat for Humanity projects.
  • Engaging in many on- and off-campus, activities to enhance social awareness, develop your individual growth and mindset, make friends and forge relationships to support your college success.
  • Experiencing a variety of social and cultural activities to interact with academic success coaches, student peer mentors, and student activities personnel.
  • Opportunities to meet with Financial Aid to complete aid package and paperwork.

Registration is required

Once your college enrollment deposit has been paid, you will need to register for Summer Orientation which automatically signs you up for Summer Prep Academy.

For students entering fall 2017

  1. Sign up online by going to BannerWeb, click on "Student Accounts & Registration," then click the "Summer Orientation" button and follow directions.
    • During this registration, you can indicate if you will have guests with you during Summer Orientation (July 25-26), if these guests will be staying the night on campus, and pay the fees related to these additional charges.


The cost for EOP students is covered as part of each student's required EOP programming after receiving confirmed acceptance into the EOP program.

Summer program includes: All meals, activities, initial summer supplies, and housing.

Transportation is not provided to and from the summer program. Please consider these options in planning your trip.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us by email at SummerPrep@alfredstate.edu or call 607-587-4122 with any questions.