Game & Interactive Design

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The game & interactive design program offers a hands-on, studio-based approach to design, programming, and storytelling.
Tammy Brackett, Chair, DMA
Program Advantages: 

Graduates of the game & interactive design Bachelor of Science program will possess the skills and technical knowledge base necessary to be proficient and capable in both the design and development of interactive media. They will be well prepared for entry-level positions in the fields of experience (UX) design, application design, web design, data visualization, and interactive entertainment. The program's strength is in the versatility and flexibility of the graduating student, allowing employment opportunities to expand well beyond a singular field of design.

Professional Outlook: 

Occupational Opportunities

  • Game design
  • UX (user experience design)
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Application design
  • Data visualization
  • Web design
Jeremy Speed Schwartz, Program Coordinator
Pioneer Quotes: 
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