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Halloween Week Events

Well, fall has officially set in here at Alfred State (although today seemed more like winter), and it has come with all of the necessary events and traditions of the season.  The Dining Hall is serving cider, people are wearing scarves, and haunted houses have begun.  The next thing everyone is looking forward to is Halloween!

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Charlie Brown performance

The ASC Drama Club presented a show over the weekend, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". I'm not just saying this, but I think it was one of the best performances I've ever seen at Alfred State. It is a day made up of little tidbits from all the days of Charlie Brown from different seasons and events, and all based on the original comic strips. Drama club picked out the funniest scenes to use! Bravo Drama club!
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The Alfred "Experience" Continued

The new semester started off with new classes and tons more friends. I also began singing at the U. (Alfred University across the street from Alfred State). I joined the choir and the chamber singers, this was an awesome decision on my part because I began to make friends from the University and a few from the state that also were in the choir, that enjoyed the same extracurricular activities I do.

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Fondue night!

Last night was an RA program... Fondue party!!! Who would have thought the building owned a fondue set? My roommate and I helped out by cutting up fresh pineapple and fruit for the chocolate fondue. It was a lot of fun, and perfect for taking the edge off after a long day of school work.
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The halloween party I was going to in Deleware got cancelled. And right after I bought my costume :(

If all else fails, the RAs in my dorm are hosting a halloween party too. Games, prizes, bobbing for apples, and all of that old stuff I used to do as a kid. I think I enjoy that type of thing more now that I'm an adult, haha (gotta appreciate the little things in life) And who wouldn't go for the free stuff??

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