Dean's List

We are proud of these Pioneers! Listed below are the most recent additions to the Dean's List.

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Name Hometown Major
Hurst, BrandonPalmer, AKApplications Software Developm
Toscione, StephenGilbert, AZBusiness Administration
Fand, JoshuaWallingford, CTDigital Media and Animation
Fisher, BrittanyIndianapolis, INSport Management
Panzenhagen, MarcOakland, NJElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Parambath, SajithSkillman, NJTechnology Management
Ward, DelaneyAdams Center, NYForensic Science Technology
Dailey, VeronicaAddison, NYBusiness Administration
Watkins, AnneAddison, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Watkins, KathrynAddison, NYArchitectural Technology
Borchert, ChristopherAkron, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
James, MichaelAkron, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Jeziorowski, JoshuaAkron, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Kaufman, JacobAkron, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Mckenzie, AaronAkron, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Meek, BrandonAkron, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Melcher, AustynAkron, NYCyber Security
Snieszko, JacobAkron, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
York, PeterAkron, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Platt IV, KarlAlbany, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Papaj, MadisonAlbion, NYLib Arts & Sci-Social Science
Rustay, KatherineAlbion, NYRadiologic Technology
Wroblewski, KirstenAlbion, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Purpura, ElenaAlden, NYVeterinary Technology
Retzlaff, EmmaAlden, NYForensic Science Technology
Rung, MichaelAlden, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Wuerch, AlexanderAlden, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Cerefin, BrandonAlexander, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Raines, EricAlexander, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Schum, BrentAlexander, NYWelding Technology
Bolger, MarcAlfred, NYNetwork Administration
Donald, DonneAlfred, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Patel, JanuAlfred, NYBusiness Administration
Qiu, WenAlfred, NYBiological Science
Shirley, DomoniqueAlfred, NYBusiness Administration
Shirley, ShannonAlfred, NYHealthcare Management
Brown, MadisonAlfred Station, NYDigital Media and Animation
Johnston, JakeAlfred Station, NYWelding Technology
Matacale, AnthonyAlfred Station, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Snyder, JosephAlfred Station, NYMachine Tool Technology
Giardini, NicholasAllegany, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Lippert, JoshuaAllegany, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Moran, ThomasAllegany, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Strade, CollinAllegany, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Niemirow, LoriannaAlma, NYHealthcare Management
Allen, DuncanAlmond, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Cunningham, NickAlmond, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Ewald, ChristianAlmond, NYApplications Software Developm
Geiger, AlexisAlmond, NYHuman Services
Gray, AlecAlmond, NYBusiness Administration
McMahon, RachelAlmond, NYNursing (BS)
Norris, JessicaAlmond, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Robbers, CassandraAlmond, NYBusiness Administration
Corwine, LylaAndover, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Good, JordanAndover, NYMachine Tool Technology
Good, JoshuaAndover, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Gregory, JillianAndover, NYDigital Media and Animation
Evans, BrodynAngelica, NYDigital Media and Animation
Jaworski, ThomasAngola, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Kowal, DanielAngola, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Alcantara, LouisApalachin, NYTechnology Management
Nunez, SoniaApalachin, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Gambino, MichelleArcade, NYConstruction Management
Gambino-Fontain, SarahArcade, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Lefever, AlexArcade, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Schaus, HannahArcade, NYTechnology Management
Bradley, TimothyArkport, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Dieter, DustinArkport, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Lemen, JamieArkport, NYBusiness Administration
Lewis, GabrielArkport, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Nye, EmilyArkport, NYBusiness Administration
Saxton, EmilyArkport, NYLib Arts & Sci-Social Science
Sweeney, DarrickAshville, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Piccolo, JosephAthens, NYCyber Security
Gaiser, NicholasAttica, NYMasonry
Mayne, HunterAttica, NYMotorsports Technology
Minkel, JacobAttica, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Zawadzki, KyleAttica, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Boyd, JackAuburn, NYNetwork Administration
Burns, NicholasAuburn, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Chindamo, EricAuburn, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Corcoran, DavinAuburn, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Hesse, AlyssaAuburn, NYCriminal Justice
Emerson, JohnAvoca, NYMotorcycle & Power Sports Tech
Ruest, RebeccaAvoca, NYTechnology Management
Cochrane, EllenAvon, NYRadiologic Technology
Kennedy, JennahAvon, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Barnes, LeviBaldwinsville, NYVeterinary Technology
Frederick, EthanBaldwinsville, NYCriminal Justice
Harvey, JayBaldwinsville, NYTechnology Management
Spensieri, KatieBaldwinsville, NYGraphic & Media Design
Zappala, MarcoBaldwinsville, NYArchitectural Technology
Bianconi, JacobBallston Lake, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Fazzolari, NicholasBarker, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Kochin, CuylerBarton, NYCyber Security
Wells, JohnBarton, NYTechnology Management
Feary, AaronBatavia, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Scroger, AliciaBatavia, NYArchitectural Technology
Bailey, AlexanderBath, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Davis, MitchellBath, NYTechnology Management
Dickson, BrandonBath, NYBusiness Administration
Fitzwater, TroyBath, NYWeb Development
Fuller, MitchellBath, NYConstruction Supervision
Leonard, JeremiahBath, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Von Hagn, RachelBath, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Gonzalez, StephenBay Shore, NYDigital Media and Animation
Cornelius, PeterBelfast, NYComputer Science
Shannon, ReillyBelfast, NYApplications Software Developm
Weaver, JacobBelfast, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Butler, DakotaBelmont, NYWelding Technology
Goodrich, KiyonnaBelmont, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Lombardo, AlexisBelmont, NYHealth Sciences
Pettit, JordynBelmont, NYSport Management
Sirline, AmberBelmont, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Zlomek, TylerBelmont, NYBusiness Administration
Smith, KeeshawnBemus Point, NYArchitectural Technology
Michelson, TrevorBethpage, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Brost, JakobBig Flats, NYFinancial Planning
Krempel, AlistairBinghamton, NYApplications Software Developm
Rockwell, AlexisBinghamton, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Salzman, CraigBinghamton, NYArchitecture
Shuler, ChristinaBinghamton, NYHealthcare Management
Asquith, TimothyBlack Creek, NYEngineering Science
Hardy, JacobBlack Creek, NYArchitecture
Lackey, ShawnBlack River, NYTechnology Management
Wilson, AidanBlasdell, NYDigital Media and Animation
Fox, AlyssaBliss, NYBusiness Administration
Schlenker, JuliaBloomfield, NYGraphic & Media Design
Johnson, RyanBlossvale, NYWelding Technology
Perry, SusanBolivar, NYGraphic & Media Design
Wiedemann, KyleBolivar, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Wiedmer, EthanBoonville, NYArchitecture
Bugenhagen, SaraBoston, NYNursing (BS)
Connelly, KevinBrockport, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Frosini, DominicBrockport, NYCyber Security
Hendershot, MeganBrockport, NYDigital Media and Animation
King, AustinBrockport, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Reber, AlexanderBrockport, NYWeb Development
Allotey, KelvinBronx, NYSport Management
Bah, MuhammadBronx, NYFinancial Planning
Bueno, ElvinBronx, NYComputer EngineeringTechnology
Camara, AboubacarBronx, NYArchitectural Technology
Carson, TrevorBronx, NYCriminal Justice
Juarez-Morales, CristianBronx, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Mars, ErrolBronx, NYCulinary Arts
Pagan, MiguelBronx, NYWelding Technology
Peralta, KeilaBronx, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Salas, LeslieBronx, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Sears, MahlekBronx, NYDigital Media and Animation
Walker, KaylaBronx, NYMarketing
Ailaca, JessicaBrooklyn, NYBusiness Administration
Betances, JonathanBrooklyn, NYBusiness Administration
Campbell, TiheanaBrooklyn, NYDigital Media and Animation
Crispi, LaurenBrooklyn, NYHealthcare Management
Jules, CathyannBrooklyn, NYCulinary Arts
Webster Lo, CheikhBrooklyn, NYCyber Security
Williams, MickelBrooklyn, NYDigital Media and Animation
Cronk, PeytonBrownville, NYCyber Security
Allen, AriyannaBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Almakaleh, ShahidBuffalo, NYArchitecture
Augustyn, JillianBuffalo, NYConstruction Management
Barker, SamanthaBuffalo, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Benes, EmilyBuffalo, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Best, JoshuaBuffalo, NYApplications Software Developm
Blatz, ColinBuffalo, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Boyce-Wright, CalebBuffalo, NYArchitecture
Burts, JayneBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Copeland, LaurenBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Costantini, AaronBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Damon, MalikBuffalo, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Frier, JacobBuffalo, NYWelding Technology
Graham, MollyBuffalo, NYArchitecture
Harrigan, RobertBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Higgins, JustinBuffalo, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Jackson, TyshawnBuffalo, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Koch, DanielBuffalo, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Matacale, NicholasBuffalo, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
McClellan, FranklinBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Merukeb, NataliaBuffalo, NYLib Arts & Sci-Adolescent Ed
Ognibene, ShaneBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Panepinto, SavannahBuffalo, NYHealthcare Management
Payne, NoahBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Pilarski, ChristineBuffalo, NYHealth Information Technology
Polizzi, SalvatoreBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Radzikowski, ScottBuffalo, NYMachine Tool Technology -WTC
Renford, DiarlloBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Sudyn, TylerBuffalo, NYDigital Media and Animation
Welton, OliviaBuffalo, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Wheeler, ZacharyBuffalo, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Williams, JahaanBuffalo, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Zackey, BrianBuffalo, NYCriminal Justice
Zwick, PamelaBuffalo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Bardeen, TrevorBurdett, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Felton, ChaseByron, NYConstruction Management
Lombardi, BenjaminByron, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Garrett, ClaytonCaledonia, NYWelding Technology
Nelson, ShaiCaledonia, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Platt, ChristopherCamden, NYArchitecture
Dennis, MorganCameron, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Harvey, AnthonyCameron, NYTechnology Management
Harvey, KylieCameron, NYComputer Information Systems
Benjamin, ShannonCameron Mills, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Huppman, DeborahCamillus, NYWelding Technology
Mcmath, BenjaminCanandaigua, NYEngineering Science
Notebaert, TylerCanandaigua, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Scammell, NicholasCanandaigua, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Livingston, CalebCanaseraga, NYBusiness Administration
Stephens, JamesCanaseraga, NYDigital Media and Animation
Mcdonald, MakennaCanastota, NYHuman Services
Sadowski, JohnCanastota, NYFinancial Planning
Koutsandreas, IoannaCaneadea, NYAgricultural Technology
Czerniak, JoshuaCanisteo, NYMachine Tool Technology
Dupuis, DavidCanisteo, NYFinancial Planning
Henry, TonyaCanisteo, NYBusiness Administration
Mitchell, SierraCanisteo, NYInterior Design
Simons, LauraCanisteo, NYBusiness Administration
Wayman, DevonCato, NYDigital Media and Animation
Osborn, JaredCatskill, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Bronneberg, JacobCattaraugus, NYMachine Tool Technology
Groetz, MariaCazenovia, NYDigital Media and Animation
Cooney, SethCentral Square, NYMotorcycle & Power Sports Tech
Ramos, FlynnChester, NYApplications Software Developm
Lisowski, GarrettChurchville, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Patanella, JacobChurchville, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Bukowski, JordanCicero, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Dailey, SheaCicero, NYCyber Security
Brown, TristinCincinnatus, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Lewis, HunterCincinnatus, NYNetwork Administration
Martin, JakeClarence, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Martin, JosephClarence, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Yambor, NicholasClarence, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Kelkenberg, EricClarence Center, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Kirk, MatthewClarence Center, NYComputer EngineeringTechnology
Strauss, JosephClarence Center, NYAutomotive Service Technician
DeJonge, HunterClifton Springs, NYConstruction Management
Lewis, MadisonCohocton, NYHealthcare Management
Czerniak, ParkerColden, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Robertson, DanielCollins, NYConstruction Management
Licata, BrookeConesus, NYVeterinary Technology
Vaughan, AndrewConesus, NYWeb Development
Santore, EvanCongers, NYCyber Security
Linsenbigler, AlexCorfu, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
George, QuinnCorning, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Webster, MadisonCorning, NYFinancial Planning
Wragg, ClaireCorning, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
DeGraff, AllisonCortland, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Tsukalas, IoannisCortland, NYTechnology Management
Vangorder, JacobCortland, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Barreto, DanielCuba, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Koch, CarylCuba, NYMotorsports Technology
Kunderman, SusanCuba, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Legall, JoannCuba, NYHealth Information Technology
Witter, DakotaCuba, NYWelding Technology
Campbell, MeghanDansville, NYArchitecture
Chapman, BryceDansville, NYCyber Security
Fox, KateDansville, NYFinancial Planning
Hinds, AlexisDansville, NYBusiness Administration
Kennedy, DillenDansville, NYMotorcycle & Power Sports Tech
Levee, KimberlyDansville, NYHealthcare Management
Mott, BrandonDansville, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Schuster, MackenzieDansville, NYRadiologic Technology
Temperato, AndrewDansville, NYArchitectural Technology
Schenck, JustinDarien Center, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Siwa, BrandanDelevan, NYConstruction Management
Brady, JamesDepew, NYWelding Technology
Mednansky, KlaraDeposit, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Bruckman, MitchellDerby, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Garbacz, RyanDerby, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Raynor, JaredDewittville, NYWelding Technology
Briscoe, ConnorDundee, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Swanson, EthanDunkirk, NYBusiness Administration
Ludlow, BlaineEast Amherst, NYMachine Tool Technology -WTC
Carte, BradleyEast Aurora, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Hetzendorfer, AndrewEast Aurora, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Peltan, David DrewEast Aurora, NYCyber Security
Pierce, AndrewEast Aurora, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Wolff, JackEast Aurora, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Asboth, BrianEden, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Jacobs, TylerEden, NYConstruction Management
Podyma, LukeEden, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Pond, LeroyEden, NYWelding Technology
Schamberger, JoshuaEden, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Wilder, NicholasEden, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Jurs, ElizabethElba, NYAgricultural Technology
Kogut, MeaghanElba, NYMarketing
Woodarek, WalterEllicottville, NYWelding Technology
Cotton, MatthewElma, NYConstruction Management
King, MichaelElma, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Weaver, KarinnaElma, NYBusiness Administration
Webber, LucasElma, NYApplications Software Developm
Blew, KaliElmira, NYCriminal Justice
Coles, MatthewElmira, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Connolly, MatthewElmira, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Green, MirandaElmira, NYBusiness Administration
Greenlaw, PaigeElmira, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Hartmann, SvenElmira, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Soehnlein, ColtonElmira, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Curtis, RebeccaEndicott, NYRadiologic Technology
Dutton, AlexEndicott, NYArchitectural Technology
Williams, AaronEndicott, NYApplications Software Developm
Jones, KylieEsperance, NYArchitectural Technology
Gydesen, TrevorEvans Mills, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Latocha, NathanFabius, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Couwenhoven, DeannFairport, NYArchitecture
Posella, JonathanFairport, NYMachine Tool Technology
Teboe, JacksonFalconer, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Rivers, JameekFar Rockaway, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Jones, AllanFarmersville Station, NYWelding Technology
Benway, AidanFarmington, NYComputer EngineeringTechnology
Harp, JoshuaFarmington, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Mirabella, ConnorFarmingville, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Small, JessicaForestville, NYHealthcare Management
Weaver, BretForestville, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Lawrence IV, RobertFort Ann, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Swartz, BriannaFort Plain, NYArchitecture
Palma, DominicFranklin Square, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Bielecki, ZacharyFranklinville, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Frascella, KatherineFranklinville, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Frascella, MariaFranklinville, NYApplications Software Developm
Paduano, HannahFranklinville, NYGraphic & Media Design
Pollock, JacobFranklinville, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Wright, CarolynFranklinville, NYAgricultural Business
Bellardo, KevinFredonia, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Mignoli, StevenFredonia, NYArchitectural Technology
Pattison, AlexanderFredonia, NYArchitectural Technology
Jackson, JamesFreeville, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Jones, AaronFreeville, NYTechnology Management
Wimer, JonathanFreeville, NYComputer EngineeringTechnology
Yatsko, JacobFreeville, NYDigital Media and Animation
Jacobi, MariaFrewsburg, NYGraphic and Media Design
Wright, TimothyFrewsburg, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Burgio, SamanthaFriendship, NYCulinary Arts
Piorkowski, NathanFriendship, NYBusiness Administration
Allen, MaryGansevoort, NYArchitecture
Johnson, JamasenGasport, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Flint, ColeGeneseo, NYWelding Technology
Bordieri, KaneilGeneva, NYTechnology Management
Sax, BrettGeneva, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Sax, TrevorGeneva, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Sheppard, SaraGeneva, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Davis, BrandonGenoa, NYConstruction Supervision
Thisse, BraedonGlenfield, NYCourt and Realtime Reporting
Genberg, AustinGowanda, NYArchitectural Technology
Cassidy, TylerGrahamsville, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Domowicz, ToddGrand Island, NYFinancial Planning
Pannullo, SimonGrand Island, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Teator, NoahGrand Island, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Dunkleman, NolanGreat Valley, NYDrafting/CAD
Harrington, JoshuaGreene, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Unkel, TylerGreene, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Davis, ShaneGreenwood, NYNetwork Administration
Edwards, JadeGreenwood, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Sherman, AprilGreenwood, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Ives, AdamGuilford, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Duviviers, EvanHamburg, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Erickson, TylerHamburg, NYBusiness Administration
Horbachewski, DouglasHamburg, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Krayna, BrockHamburg, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Kumiega, JacobHamburg, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Mccabe, WalterHamburg, NYFinancial Planning
Olivieri, CourtneyHamburg, NYHealth Information Technology
Padovani, MichaelHamburg, NYComputer Science
Rosati, FrankHamburg, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Smith, ColinHamburg, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
St George, EricHamburg, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Tempski, JosephHamburg, NYBusiness Administration
Howard, CameronHamlin, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Armstrong, PaytonHighland Mills, NYSport Management
Ellis, CarliHilton, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Gage, TylerHilton, NYArchitectural Technology
Lisek, StoneHinsdale, NYArchitectural Technology
King, AbbyHolland, NYRadiologic Technology
McNamara, AlanHolland, NYTechnology Management
Relyea, CoanHolland, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Reumann, KarsonHolland, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Winter, CoreyHolland, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Roberts, AshtonHolland Patent, NYConstruction Management
Dillenbeck, BrandonHolley, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Purtell, MelodyHolley, NYRadiologic Technology
Sedore, JessicaHolley, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Smith, MikalaHolley, NYArchitectural Technology
Waterman, HannaHolley, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Gustafson, EliotHomer, NYArchitecture
Shouse, SarahHoneoye Falls, NYInterior Design
Warren, BryceHoneoye Falls, NYLib Arts & Sci-Math & Science
Molina, MarianelaHopewell Junction, NYNursing (BS)
Bird, MeganHornell, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Butler, QuinHornell, NYMachine Tool Technology
Childs, ElizabethHornell, NYForensic Science Technology
Dinwoodie, AllisonHornell, NYForensic Science Technology
Emo, MorganHornell, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Freas, AlexisHornell, NYBusiness Administration
Gardner, AmandaHornell, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Geibel, BrookeHornell, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Heckel, SadieHornell, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Hendrickson, SamuelHornell, NYComputer Information Systems
Jacobs, VanessaHornell, NYBusiness Administration
King, AshleyHornell, NYHuman Services
Kowalski, JacobHornell, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Miller, CalebHornell, NYWelding Technology
Miller, TylerHornell, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Newark, KurynHornell, NYLib Arts & Sci-Humanities
Richardson, AndrewHornell, NYNetwork Administration
Robinson, GloriaHornell, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Slayton, RachelHornell, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Slocum, IsabellaHornell, NYCriminal Justice
Smith, MariahHornell, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Smith, MatthewHornell, NYMotorcycle & Power Sports Tech
Wheeler, BrittanyHornell, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Wheeler, MatthewHornell, NYBusiness Administration
Brewer, KyleHorseheads, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Derr, ZoeHorseheads, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Hollenbeck, MicahHorseheads, NYArchitecture
Honness, MatthewHorseheads, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Hurlburt, KylerHorseheads, NYTechnology Management
Johnson, BeckyHorseheads, NYCriminal Justice
Kremer, KelseeHorseheads, NYBusiness Administration
Randall, TravisHorseheads, NYConstruction Supervision
Tinker, JesseHorseheads, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Tallman, CarlyHunt, NYAgricultural Technology
White, CollynHunt, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Goshea, RyanHyde Park, NYArchitectural Technology
Smith, DeclanHyde Park, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Barber, LydiaIonia, NYForensic Science Technology
Rost, AlexanderIslip Terrace, NYWelding Technology
Warner, BrittanyIthaca, NYHealthcare Management
O'Buckley, DannielleJamaica, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
O'Buckley, KatherineJamaica, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Anderson, EmmaJamestown, NYCourt and Realtime Reporting
Butler, JamesJamestown, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Mlacker, DylanJamestown, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Porter, JasonJamestown, NYWelding Technology
Whitacre, BrandynJamestown, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Button, HunterJasper, NYCyber Security
Erdman, BradleyJeffersonville, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Dailey, PatrickJohnson City, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Clay, AustinKendall, NYDigital Media and Animation
Clay, TaylorKendall, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Ramsdell, JohnKent, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Smith, CoralKings Park, NYForensic Science Technology
Fox, NathanKirkville, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Bozard, BrandonLake View, NYCyber Security
Scheffler, MatthewLake View, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Adamec, NathanLancaster, NYFinancial Planning
Cervi, DontaeLancaster, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Konieczny, KyleLancaster, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Mcclenathan, JoshuaLancaster, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Ruggiero, CameronLancaster, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Sczepanski, AmyLancaster, NYArchitectural Technology
Macaluso, AmyLaurel, NYBusiness Administration
Hornberger, AllenLawtons, NYLib Arts & Sci-Math & Science
Mangano, TaliaLawtons, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Ayers, MeganLe Roy, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Beswick, WilliamLe Roy, NYFinancial Planning
Stauffer, CollinLe Roy, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Nappi, MatthewLevittown, NYNetwork Administration
Sosnowski, MichaelLewiston, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Fraser, KaseyLima, NYRadiologic Technology
Zuber, ColleenLima, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Ferrucci, AlexLimestone, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Delianne, MeganLindenhurst, NYDigital Media and Animation
Eldridge, DylanLisle, NYBusiness Administration
Fahey, CallaLittle Falls, NYForensic Science Technology
Krisher, LeannaLittle Genesee, NYGraphic & Media Design
Buske, CaitlinLiverpool, NYCourt and Realtime Reporting
Haley, PaigeLiverpool, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Taggart, EvanLivingston Manor, NYMotorsports Technology
LaRue, PaulLivonia, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Fluellen, JordanLockport, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Trim, ElijahLodi, NYApplications Software Developm
Schustek, AlexandraLong Beach, NYTechnology Management
Aubin, JarrettLowville, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Dyber, DouglasLynbrook, NYHealth Sciences
McDowell, RyanMacedon, NYArchitecture
Rosato, KaitlinMacedon, NYHealth Information Technology
West, AdamMacedon, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Blecha, BryceMachias, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Parsell, LaurenMachias, NYArchitectural Technology
Ludwig, EmilyManlius, NYHuman Services Management
Tatu, TaraManlius, NYForensic Science Technology
Short, ZacharyMarathon, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Tebbe, MatthewMarathon, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Gotte, BiancaMarcy, NYRadiologic Technology
Mack, DanielMarietta, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Mazzone, AndrewMarilla, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Mazzone, StevenMarilla, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Ferreri, JosephMarion, NYArchitectural Technology
Sturtz, RobertMarion, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Verplank, DanielleMarion, NYBusiness Administration
Gonzalez, UlicesMaspeth, NYArchitectural Technology
Popowytsch, MicheleMassapequa, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Liesau, NoelleMerrick, NYArchitecture
Simoneau, MarkMexico, NYMotorsports Technology
Kindron, NoahMiddleport, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Alvarado, LeslieMiddletown, NYGraphic & Media Design
Feely, GraceMiddletown, NYArchitecture
Smith, DaisyMoravia, NYHuman Services Management
Disalvo, SpencerMount Morris, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Hoag, KaneMount Morris, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Semmel, EricaMount Morris, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Wilson, MatthewMount Morris, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Parente, JamieMount Sinai, NYForensic Science Technology
Williams, SarahMumford, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Ehrenhofler, MatthewNanuet, NYDigital Media and Animation
Bay, EvanNaples, NYBusiness Administration
Declerck, BrendonNaples, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Fisher, SpencerNaples, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Pendleton, MeghanNaples, NYTechnology Management
Swank, KathrynNaples, NYArchitecture
Hamilton, GavinNew City, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Persoon, AndrewNew Hampton, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Castro, MatthewNew Windsor, NYTechnology Management
Jury, TylerNew Windsor, NYWelding Technology
Carrington, AlexisNew York, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Jordan, DanteNew York, NYBusiness Administration
Perez, SaraNew York, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Rodriguez , Kiara New York, NYCriminal Justice
Sanchez, SabinaNew York, NYHuman Services Management
Thompson, ShamoniqueNew York, NYHuman Services Management
Vargas, BladimirNew York, NYBusiness Administration
Cortes, DavidNewburgh, NYWelding Technology
Geyer, NickNewburgh, NYSport Management
Winters, DonnaNewburgh, NYHealthcare Management
Lambert, JonathanNewfane, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Bradley, LoganNewfield, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Defranco, LukasNiagara Falls, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Lewis, KathrynNiagara Falls, NYArchitectural Technology
Nielsen, DamienNiagara Falls, NYElec Cons & Maint Electric-WTC
Sass, AlexaNiagara Falls, NYArchitectural Technology
Johnson, JosephNorth Chili, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Schiffman, RyanNorth Collins, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Schiffman, TylerNorth Collins, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Wittmeyer, MeganNorth Collins, NYInterdisciplinary Studies
Perkins, AlexisNorth Rose, NYArchitecture
Bors, JustinNorth Tonawanda, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Davidson, ColinNorth Tonawanda, NYArchitecture
Vidler, HannahNorwich, NYHealthcare Management
Caton, TylerNunda, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Childs, GarrickOlean, NYWelding Technology
Gill, BillOlean, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Gill, EthanOlean, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Hribar, MaryOlean, NYHuman Services Management
Ilustre, NicolasOlean, NYDigital Media and Animation
Linderman, ZackOlean, NYEngineering Science
Smith, NicolasOlean, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Egger, MollyOneida, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Hawthorne, AlexanderOneida, NYFinancial Planning
Bechtold, TimothyOntario, NYMotorcycle & Power Sports Tech
Girard, KaitlinOntario, NYArchitecture
Graziose, NicholasOntario, NYArchitecture
Martin, NathanOntario, NYForensic Science Technology
Mullin, KelseyOntario, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Aitchison, SarahOrangeburg, NYArchitecture
Dwigun, MakenzieOrchard Park, NYWelding Technology -WTC
Lohr, RyanOrchard Park, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Mills, HaleighOvid, NYArchitecture
Shaulis, KelseyOvid, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Shaulis, SkylarOvid, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Walmsley, PatrickOwego, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Phillips, ZacheryPainted Post, NYTechnology Management
Sweet, DavidPalmyra, NYTechnology Management
Weaver, JonPalmyra, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Wiggers, SamuelPanama, NYAgricultural Business
Barankovich, AlexanderParish, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Banks, MasonParksville, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Boothe, OwenPatchogue, NYApplications Software Developm
Griffin, NicholasPenn Yan, NYCyber Security
Lavin, WilliamPenn Yan, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Potts, MitchellPenn Yan, NYWelding Technology
Yonts, HannahPenn Yan, NYNursing (AAS)
Dixon, RaehaPerry, NYHealthcare Management
Hare, NoahPerry, NYArchitecture
Howden, SarahPerry, NYCriminal Justice
Olin, TimothyPerry, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Wheeler, JewelissaPerry, NYBusiness Administration
Clark, DevonPerrysburg, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Froio, JoshuaPhoenix, NYWelding Technology
Parsons, KathrynPiffard, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Holly, StephenPine City, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Stone, JhenilynnPine City, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Near, CameronPine Plains, NYAutomotive Service Technician
Ozog, AbigailPine Valley, NYArchitecture
Lubarsky, JonathanPlainview, NYDigital Media and Animation
Lopreste, StevenPlymouth, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Goldfuss, EmmaPort Crane, NYVeterinary Technology
Thierman, LoganPortville, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Odugbesan, AdedoyinPoughkeepsie, NYWeb Development
Scianna, BrookePoughkeepsie, NYSport Management
Byington, BenjaminPrattsburgh, NYBusiness Administration
Egresi, TawniPrattsburgh, NYHuman Services
Kennard, AbbeyPrattsburgh, NYRadiologic Technology
Mark, CassondraPrattsburgh, NYEngineering Science
Randall, RebeccaPrattsburgh, NYCriminal Justice
Stone, ThomasPrattsburgh, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Ashdown, JalynnRandolph, NYVeterinary Technology
Shipherd, RyanRandolph, NYMasonry
Steward, JacobRandolph, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Covatta, RichardRansomville, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Fournier, CooperRansomville, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Meyer, MaggieRed Creek, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Newcombe, EdwardRensselaer Falls, NYMotorsports Technology
Hynes, MasynRetsof, NYRadiologic Technology
Mccarthy, AaronRexford, NYArchitecture
Lewis, AmberRexville, NYAgricultural Business
Lewis, DanielRexville, NYAgricultural Technology
Wolf, FlorenceRichford, NYHuman Services Management
Raynor, MatthewRiverhead, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Christine, TravisRochester, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
DeMarco, RobertRochester, NYBusiness Administration
Decker, JennaRochester, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Dedie, JacobRochester, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Fridd, CalebRochester, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Gartland, AlexanderRochester, NYArchitecture
Green, MandelRochester, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Johnston, ClayRochester, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Kase, MollyRochester, NYArchitecture
Koston, AndreaRochester, NYTechnology Management
Lotemple, JustinRochester, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Lugonja, AminaRochester, NYRadiologic Technology
Mahmutspahic, AjdinRochester, NYTechnology Management
Marcello, ErikaRochester, NYCulinary Arts
Milliman, BethanyRochester, NYRadiologic Technology
Morabito, CaitlynRochester, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
O'Hare, RachaelRochester, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Orologio, VincentRochester, NYArchitecture
Pensgen, PaigeRochester, NYArchitecture
Pham, VickyRochester, NYEngineering Science
Ponder, ZionRochester, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Raspudic, SamanthaRochester, NYRadiologic Technology
Reding, JoshuaRochester, NYBusiness Administration
Reynolds, IanRochester, NYHealthcare Management
Sanchez Lupiani, FranchescaRochester, NYApplications Software Developm
Santiago, ChelsiRochester, NYCyber Security
Sprague, CameronRochester, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Streeter, AdriannaRochester, NYTechnology Management
Tantalo, KatherineRochester, NYConstruction Management
Thomas, MonicaRochester, NYHealth Information Technology
Till, JonathanRochester, NYApplications Software Developm
Withers, DevonRochester, NYSport Management
Gifford, AndrewRockaway Park, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Fay, AutumnSackets Harbor, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Schwartz, MarijayneSalamanca, NYArchitectural Technology
Bedard, BryceSanborn, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Olsen, SeanSaugerties, NYCyber Security
Salvagin, MaverickSavona, NYEngineering Science
Sarno, Aga JeanSavona, NYArchitecture
Kanuck, DanielleSchenectady, NYGraphic & Media Design
Pardee, FrederickSchenectady, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Pardee, GeorgeSchenectady, NYAccounting
Pardee, PhillipSchenectady, NYComputer Science
Rosenbloom, MichaelSchenectady, NYNetwork Administration
Smythe, EthanSchenectady, NYArchitecture
Fay, ShannonSchuylerville, NYArchitecture
Burdick, ElizabethScio, NYBusiness Administration
Graves, EthanScio, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Thompson, GarrettScio, NYBusiness Administration
Ingham, CoreyScottsville, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
McGhan, JacobSeneca Falls, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Romano, StevenSetauket, NYHealth Information Technology
Coughlin, TylerSherburne, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Starceski, SamuelSherman, NYAgricultural Technology
Van Valkenburg, SamuelSherman, NYConstruction Management
Cronin, CourtneyShirley, NYForensic Science Technology
Rafferty III, DavidSilver Springs, NYWelding Technology
Schmidt, BrendaSodus, NYVeterinary Technology
Damon, AmandaSouth Wales, NYBusiness Administration
Struzynski, RebeccaSouth Wales, NYAgricultural Technology
Lyda, TaylorSpencerport, NYRadiologic Technology
O'Neal, TylerSpencerport, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Weaver, HannahSpencerport, NYBusiness Administration
Zielinski, ShaneSpencerport, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Harrigan, AlecSpringville, NYArchitectural Technology
Harrigan, CollinSpringville, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Hall, JennaStafford, NYHuman Services Management
Goda Jr, AlanStanley, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Agyepomaa, ChristianaStaten Island, NYInterior Design
Diorio, VitoStaten Island, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Farley, ColleenStaten Island, NYForensic Science Technology
Hartmann, JackStaten Island, NYWelding Technology
Musto III, AlfredStaten Island, NYAutobody Repair
Totten, CodySundown, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Spicijaric, RyanSyosset, NYDigital Media and Animation
Dussing, JamesSyracuse, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Villarreal, BryanSyracuse, NYComputer Engineering Tech
Buckingham, LeRyiahTaberg, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Ball, AndrewTonawanda, NYConstruction Mgmt Eng Tech
Deyell, BrianTonawanda, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Jones, RichardTonawanda, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Jones, RonaldTonawanda, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Goodwin, KatieTroupsburg, NYDigital Media and Animation
Miller, BradyTroupsburg, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Matthews, MilesTroy, NYDigital Media and Animation
King, JustinUniondale, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
Cooke, IanValatie, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Rossi, AndrewValatie, NYTechnology Management
Laibe, AmberVestal, NYBiological Science
Ruscio, NicholasVictor, NYTechnology Management
Covelli, NicolasWAPPINGERS FALLS, NYSurveying & Geomatics Eng Tech
Mohl, SethWading River, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Baum, RebeccaWalden, NYDigital Media and Animation
Doering, EdwardWallkill, NYArchitecture
Miller, NathanWalworth, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Yanarella, JuliaWappingers Falls, NYHealth Sciences
Scelta, AndrewWarrick, NYDigital Media and Animation
Flint, AndreaWarsaw, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Hulme, KoreyWarsaw, NYConstruction Management
Perkins, MelanieWarsaw, NYForensic Science Technology
Fatta, LukeWarwick, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Baylor, AlexanderWaterloo, NYMachine Tool Technology
Imhoff, TimothyWaterloo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Kingston, DaiquanWaterloo, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Lane, NicholasWaterloo, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Struzik, GabrielleWaterloo, NYGraphic & Media Design
Burkhart, DanielleWaverly, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Burt, SageWaverly, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Newman, KylieWaverly, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Aaron, KimberlyWayland, NYNursing (AAS)
Guest, BenjaminWayland, NYElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Jacobs, JoshuaWayland, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
O'Neal, PatrickWayland, NYWelding Technology
Williams, AndrewWayland, NYRadiologic Technology
DeBree, RyanWebster, NYArchitecture
Jankuloski, ChristianWebster, NYArchitecture
Johnson, SashaWebster, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Mcnamara, SpenserWebster, NYFinancial Planning
Sevensma, SarahWebster, NYArchitecture
Vorobets, IvannaWebster, NYBusiness Administration
Marks, CadeWellsburg, NYCriminal Justice
Bell, TaylorWellsville, NYDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Bledsoe, AutumnWellsville, NYBusiness Administration
Burns, NatalieWellsville, NYGraphic & Media Design
Campbell, AmyWellsville, NYNursing (AAS)
Case, SimonWellsville, NYBiological Science
Cole, ElizabethWellsville, NYBusiness Administration
Corrigan, CatherineWellsville, NYLib Arts & Sci-Social Science
Dunning, JordanWellsville, NYHeavy Equip T & D Technician
Evans, ChristopherWellsville, NYCriminal Justice
Fenske, DorothyWellsville, NYHuman Services Management
Funicella, AnthonyWellsville, NYArchitecture
Garfield, LanceWellsville, NYConstruction Supervision
Glass, BenjaminWellsville, NYApplications Software Developm
Glass, JoshuaWellsville, NYLib Arts & Sci-Math & Science
Maglier, EmmaWellsville, NYHuman Services Management
Orton, RobertWellsville, NYBusiness Administration
Stevens, RebeccaWellsville, NYCul Arts: Baking Prod & Mgmt
Walsh, MichaelWellsville, NYHeavy Equipment Operations
Wight, AlexisWellsville, NYLib Arts & Sci-Adolescent Ed
Williams, SteveWellsville, NYComputer Information Systems
Blemur, BrianWest Hempstead, NYNetwork Administration
Spampinato, EthanWest Henrietta, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Yuan, JinWest Henrietta, NYElectrical Engineering Tech
La Padula, NicoleWest Islip, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Kuerzdoerfer, SeanWest Seneca, NYArchitecture
Rex, ChristianWestfield, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Dickerson, AnnaWhitney Point, NYNursing (AAS/BS)
Hamm, Clayton Williamson, NYBusiness Administration
Sonneville, EthanWilliamson, NYMechanical Engineering Tech
Savasta, DanteWindham, NYArchitectural Technology
Crum, ZacharyWolcott, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Higuita, CarmenWoodstock, NYAgricultural Technology
Andrews, KyleeWyoming, NYUndeclared Major
Wetherwax, JacobWyoming, NYWelding Technology
Wetherwax, JordanWyoming, NYEngineering Science
Corrice, NatalieYaphank, NYForensic Science Technology
Wielkie, JaredYorkshire, NYHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Allender, MichaelYoungstown, NYBldg Trades-Building Construct
Darszewski, Kathleenwilliamsville, NYHealthcare Management
Barker, ZackaryMingo Junction, OHNetwork Administration
Lancaster, MichaelBala Cynwyd, PAElec Cons & Maint Electrician
Perkins, KiaraCoudersport, PALib Arts & Sci-Social Science
Wilber, DylanEldred, PAHeating Ventilation & Air Cond
Morton, JessicaErie, PATechnology Management
Buck, JennaGenesee, PADiagnostic Medical Sonography
Empson, MeganGenesee, PAAgricultural Business
Smyntek, OliviaGifford, PADigital Media and Animation
Donehower, LouiseLansdale, PATechnology Management
Burke, CalvinRome, PAHeavy Equipment Operations
Ealy, DalanSharpsville, PAIndividual Studies
Metcalf, HannahShinglehouse, PAVeterinary Technology
Cherry, MichaelTyrone, PAAgricultural Technology
Cowburn, TylerUlysses, PAArchitectural Technology
Kravetsky, MikaylaUnion Dale, PANursing (AAS/BS)
Gehringer, CheyenneWestfield, PACulinary Arts
Good, JarrettWestfield, PAAgricultural Technology
Henry, MichaelYoungsville, PAMotorcycle & Power Sports Tech
Suzuki, YuyaGunma, 379-0111, Architectural Technology
Nguyen, LeHanoi, Construction Management
Kurazono, RyotaMoriya, 302-0115, Applications Software Developm
Jeong, JihoonSiheung, 14995, Nursing (AAS/BS)