Room Consolidation

Room Consolidation

Occasionally, students find themselves in a single room situation having only paid for a double accommodation. Since only those individuals who have paid for a single may reside in a single, action must occur. Three phrases associated with this circumstance are important to understand: Open Room Changes, Room Consolidation, and the Singles Form.

Open Room Changes

There is a period when students who wish to relocate can do so, based upon available space on campus. Open Room Changes occurs for four days at the start of each semester. During Open Room Changes, students may move to any available space with the permission of the Residence Director (RD). At the completion of Open Room Changes, elective relocation ends.

Room Consolidation

Students who have paid for a double room, who find themselves without a roommate will be contacted by their RD. If you find yourself in that circumstance, please make every effort to meet with your RD as soon as possible. Only those students who pay for a single may reside in a single, but there are options:

  1. pay the additional cost of a single and stay in the current room (see Singles Form, below);
  2. relocate to another room with a student in a similar circumstance;
  3. accept a roommate in the current accommodation.

Option 1 is easy if you can access the available funds. Residential Life strongly suggests you discuss this option with your funding sources. Options 2 & 3 can be more difficult, as no one likes to move. Your RD will do everything possible to make the process comfortable, but whether you move, or the other person does, someone must relocate. Sometimes it comes down to a coin flip. Refusal to relocate is not an option and students failing to comply could be subject to campus disciplinary action.

Singles Form

Because singles incur additional cost, a student must demonstrate the ability to pay before final approval will occur. The process requires the completion of a Singles Form, which students receive from their RD and process through BannerWeb. Depending on your personal circumstance, Student Accounts may indicate that payment is required before approval. For others, payment may be deferred against available financial aid. That decision is made by the Student Records and Financial Services Office, not Residential Life.

When the paperwork is completed and returned to Residential Life, final approval occurs. Requesting a single is not an open-ended process. Students are expected to move promptly through the approval phase. Any individual who has not satisfactorily completed the process on the last day of Room Consolidation will be relocated at the discretion of the Coordinator of College Housing. That relocation is not subject to appeal.