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MacKenzie Complex

MacKenzie Complex

The MacKenzie Complex (MacKenzie East, MacKenzie North, MacKenzie South, MacKenzie West) features suite-style accommodations in rowhouse and tower configurations. Suite-style accommodations allow residents to live in close proximity with friends and classmates.

Every residential lifestyle option except "24 and Over Lifestyle" is available in the MacKenzie Complex.

Those interested in living in MacKenzie should be aware that rowhouse accommodations are extremely popular and may only be available to continuing/returning students. Also, because of the increased accommodations within a rowhouse there is an increased cost for a rowhouse room versus the tower room.

The MacKenzie Complex also offers small single and large single rooms, both of which cost a higher amount than the tower rooms.

students in a room in MacKenzieThe MacKenzie Complex is located across the street from the Orvis Activities Center, near the Engineering Technology Building, Hinkle Library, and Hunter Student Development Center. An outdoor volleyball court is the site for many social gatherings and picnics.

Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
11'x 9'3" Small Single 3'3"W x 4'10"H
13'8" x 11' Large Single 3'3"W x 4'10"H
15'x 9' Tower 8'9" x 4'10"H
13'3" x 11' Rowhouse 8'9" x 4'10"H