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Archived Responses to National Events

Reactions to George Floyd's Brutal Death

I encourage you to join a productive dialogue to address how society can change and improve. We will be adding virtual activities this summer to further assist as we need young people to be part of the solutions. We will continue to compile messages of hope and on occasion reactions of outrage that we have shared. Please share with us at inclusion@AlfredState.edu.


Dr. Skip Sullivan, President

June 5 Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan
“We should be alarmed that a movement triggered by unjustified brutality toward George Floyd is leading to even more acts of violence, looting, and disgraceful actions. The national discussion is boiling over in many negative ways..."

June 4 SUNY Board of Trustees
“The horror… has held up the largest possible mirror to our society and demonstrated the huge steps that still need to be taken to overcome a legacy of injustice and brutality..."

June 3 Alfred State Student Affairs Division
“The unrest in the country surrounding the unacceptable death of George Floyd must be acknowledged, and openly discussed, if we are to forge authentic positive change..."

June 1 SUNY Chancellor Dr. Kristina Johnson
“I viewed the killing of George Floyd by the police—without reason, without due process, and without a shred of humanity—with a sense of both outrage and helplessness…”

May 31 Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan
“We should pray for justice to be served for all people and encourage everyone to work together for constructive solutions, not destructive…”