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16 - Computer Misuse and Fraud

16 - Computer Misuse and Fraud

Submitted by Stephanie M Hoyer on Thu, 09/11/2014 - 12:45

Computer Misuse and Fraud

Computer misuse and fraud are prohibited under the College’s Acceptable Usage Guidelines and includes the following: obtaining access to the College computers, software, or terminals without proper authorization from the College; obtaining from or giving a password to another person; or deleting, damaging, altering, or causing destruction to College computer equipment, software, or data without proper authorization from the College. Making unauthorized copies or downloading/uploading copyrighted materials (e.g., software, music, and movies) is not permitted.

Range of Sanctions; Disciplinary Warning to Disciplinary Expulsion

Information: College computing accounts are for educational purposes only. Hacking is illegal and prohibited under this policy. “Spamming” and any form of mass e-mailing are considered harassing and a violation of this policy. Using unauthorized scripts that result in “crashing” or damaging a College computer or College community member’s computer is a violation of this policy. Downloading or uploading copyright-protected materials without authorization of the copyright owner is a violation of federal law and this policy. For more information, refer to the Alfred State Acceptable Usage Guidelines ( or contact the Help Desk (607) 587-4357.

Past violators have been subject to revocation of computer privileges, disciplinary sanctioning, and prosecution under state and/or federal laws, civil fines, possible arrest, and/or incarceration.