Office365 FAQs

Office365 FAQs

Alfred State Technology Services has joined with other SUNY institutions by joining Microsoft's Office365. Help is available. If you are a first-time user or are having difficulty with any of the listed features, please contact the Alfred State Help Desk at 607-587-HELP (4357) or download and use the Office365 Start-up Guide.

Office365 Features and Benefits

All students will be able to use the following Office365 features:

Microsoft Outlook 365 imageMicrosoft Outlook 365

Office365 provides an optimized & professional email experience, similar to what you may use in your future workplace.

  • Get 10GB inbox, 20MB attachments
  • Protect email from spam & viruses

Microsoft Office Web AppsMicrosoft Office Web Apps

Office365 provides you with the benefits of working with online documents using the familiar Microsoft Office experience.

  • Easily store files and documents online in a password protected environment
  • Access, view, and edit your online documents from home, classroom, library, or virtually any PC that is connected to the Internet

Office365 MobileOffice365 Mobile

Office365 services are available via mobile phones. Office365 Spaces are WAP enabled. Receive your email on your mobile phone through Exchange.

What web address do I use to access my email account on the web?

I'm new to Alfred State. What is my username and password?

Alfred State uses a standard username format as follows:

First six letters of your last name + first letter of your first name + first letter of your middle name

For instance: John Q. Hopkins username would be HopkinJQ

Deb Q Long's username would be LongDQ

Greg Troops (no middle name) username would be TroopsG

Occasionally, there will be several users with the same username. In this case, a numeric value is appended to the end of the username.

For example, let's say there are three John J Adams. Their usernames would be: AdamsJJ AdamsJJ2 AdamsJJ3

For a password, Alfred State initially uses your birthday typed like so: mmddyyyy. So, if your birthday was Nov. 22, 1983, your initial password would be: 11221983

Note: Users should change their password from the initial one as soon as possible.

How big is my email box?

Students have a 10GB email box.

What can I store on my SkyDrive?

Your SkyDrive can be used to store anything you would like, such as documents you would like to access from anywhere, files, and pictures. Each Student has a 25GB SkyDrive.

Is there a desktop client I can use to check my email?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Outlook with your Office365 email account. Once Outlook is installed it will ask you to add an email box. In the Username box make sure you enter your full username (E.g., and your network password. If you need help with the settings you should use, please contact the Help Desk at 607-587-4357.

What should I expect the first time I log into my Alfred State email hosted by Microsoft Office365?

Alfred State student email accounts are hosted by Microsoft’s Office365 service. Once you log in you will be taken to the Outlook Office365 inbox. You will receive enterprise-class email, calendar, tasks, and contacts. If you want to see what you should expect, please see the webmail guide above.

What is my username for Webmail/Office365?

Alfred State student and retired email is being hosted by Microsoft. Your username will continue to be for students and for retired users. Your username will still be the first six characters of your last name, the first character in your first name and your middle initial.

E.g., if your name is John E. Smith, your email address/username would be If you do not have a middle initial, it would be

Note: Your username might have a number appended to the end if there are other users with a similar name.

Will my password be the same?

If you are logging in to your email for the first time, you will need to change your password. To do so, go to

For a step-by-step instructions on changing your password please look at this guide. If you are on campus you may go to the Alfred State Computer Help Desk on the ground floor of the Hinkle Library with your photo ID and a help desk technician will assist you.

Will I be able to get my smartphone to receive my Alfred State email?

Students will be able to add their email to most smartphones. Please keep in mind that each phone works differently and that all phones may not support the email feature. If your smartphone supports POP, IMAP, or Exchange, you should be able to add your email to your smartphone. Please contact the Help Desk if you would like operating system specific instructions. Email: Phone: 607-587-4357.

What Web browsers are recommended to connect to my email account on the Web?

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers. There have been some issues with Google Chrome so you will have to use that at your own risk.

Known issue with Google Chrome - Students have been able to view email on the Web but not let you send email from that account.