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Alfred State College honors 10-year employees

Alfred State College honors 10-year employees

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were recently honored for their 10 years of services at the college.

Those honored included Sandra Burdick, event concierge, Student Engagement; Linda Chase, cleaner, Facilities Services; Jamie Cline, cleaner, Facilities Services; Laurie Dunn, associate professor, Nursing; George Merry, assistant professor, Computerized Design and Manufacturing; Nathan Monroe, cleaner, Facilities Services; Mary Perkins, cleaner, Facilities Services; Dr. Douglas Pierson, associate professor, Agriculture and Veterinary Technology; Jeanine Rose, assistant director, Health and Wellness Services; Laurie Spike, supervising janitor, Facilities Services; and Christian Vernam, assistant director of financial aid, Student Records and Financial Services.

Honorees received a certificate and a college umbrella.

employees sitting and standing holding certificates and umbrellas

Front row, l-r are Jamie Cline, Dr. Douglas Pierson, Sandra Burdick, and Laurie Dunn. In the second row, l-r are Christian Vernam, George Merry, Jeanine Rose, and Nathan Monroe.