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Students becoming prepared for ‘Green Jobs’

Students becoming prepared for ‘Green Jobs’

With the importance of sustainability being taught throughout Alfred State’s programs, it’s easy to see how students are securing jobs related to clean and renewable energy.

“We have a few students who have hired directly into a PV installation company. We have a few students who are working on large wind farms,” said Dr. Craig Clark, vice president for Economic Development at Alfred State. “Most of the students who are getting employed in clean or renewable energy are in companies that do both. In other words, they do the traditional as well as the renewable.”

Check out this video for more information on Alfred State’s focus on preparing students for “Green Jobs.” Earth Day may be April 22, but at ASC, helping the environment is important throughout the year.

Here are some additional fast facts about how the Blue and Gold are going green:

  • An 8.8 KW rated photovoltaic system at the Zero Energy Home in Wellsville offsets electric power usage there.
  • Power generated by a 10 KW rated wind turbine located at the athletic fields offsets Pioneer Stadium energy usage.
  • A system of geothermal wells underneath the nearby parking lot provide heating and cooling to areas of the Student Leadership Center to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.