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Sustainability education a priority at Alfred State

Sustainability education a priority at Alfred State

Alfred State is committed to increasing awareness about the importance of clean energy.

One way in which the college is accomplishing this is by making sustainability education a focus throughout its programs.

“We have integrated clean energy technology into existing programs,” said Dr. Craig Clark, vice president for Economic Development at Alfred State. “Now folks in liberal arts, the sciences, and other places are starting to use it, and so it’s really spreading throughout the college.”

Check out this video for more information on Alfred State’s focus on sustainability education. Earth Day may be April 22, but at ASC, helping the environment is important throughout the year.

Here are some additional fast facts about how the Blue and Gold are going green:

  • The sun shades in the Student Leadership Center on the southern exposure portion of the park space reduce the solar gain during the summer, which also reduces cooling costs.
  • A 45 KW rated photovoltaic system at the Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Center (SAMC) offsets the energy usage at that building.