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Hands-on learning key in Alfred State’s ‘green’ efforts

Hands-on learning key in Alfred State’s ‘green’ efforts

Whether it’s building a zero-energy home for the Solar Decathlon or installing a solar array at the US National Arboretum, Alfred State College (ASC) students are learning about the importance of “going green” through many different applied learning experiences.

Dr. Craig Clark, vice president of Economic Development at Alfred State, noted that the benefits of educating students about the importance of sustainability are many.

“We’re going to have a lot of folks that are educated in the technology side, not just insulation, but design purposes,” Clark said. “You’re also going to find that the general public is much more informed because of all of these graduates.”

Check out this video for more information on Alfred State’s commitment to sustainability through hands-on education. Earth Day may be April 22, but at ASC helping the environment is important throughout the year.

Here are some additional fast facts about how the Blue and Gold are going green:

  • The Mega Sale redirects over 1,000 cubic feet of unwanted, usable items from the landfill annually.
  • A “green” roof was designed for the third-floor level of the Student Leadership Center outside of the park space.
  • A solar thermal system was implemented in the Student Leadership Center to reduce fossil fuel use when heating the domestic hot water there.