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High schoolers compete in 30th annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference at Alfred State

High schoolers compete in 30th annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference at Alfred State

More than 950 high school students from Region I Board of Cooperative Education and Services (BOCES) districts, encompassing Western New York and the Southern Tier, competed in the 30th annual SkillsUSA Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics March 5 at Alfred State.

The winners of this regional competition will advance to the next level in Syracuse in April, where all six regions in New York State will meet to attempt to qualify for the national competition in Louisville, KY, in June. A postsecondary SkillsUSA state competition will also take place on the Wellsville campus on Saturday, March 23.

Skills tests ranged from criminal justice to TV/video production to public speaking. Alfred State faculty, staff, and students were heavily involved in the design, implementation, and judging of many of the contests. Many of the high school students were exposed to a college campus for the first time.

Contestants from the following schools attended:

Genesee Valley (Batavia); Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont; Lake Shore/ Carrier Educational Center (Angola); Charles G May Career-Tech Center (Mt. Morris); Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES, Coopers Campus (Painted Post); Edison Tech and Occupational High School (Rochester); Eastern Monroe Career Center (EMCC) (Fairport); Ellicottville CTE Center; Finger Lakes Technical and Career Center (Stanley); GST BOCES Pauline Bush Campus (Elmira); Harkness Career and Technical Center (Cheektowaga); Hewes Educational Center (Ashville); Kenton Career and Technical Education Center (Tonawanda); LoGuidice Center (Fredonia); Niagara (Sanborn); Olean CTE Center; Orleans Career and Technical Education Center (Medina); WD Ormsby Educational Center (East Aurora); Potter Career and Technical Center (West Seneca); Wayne Technical and Career Center (Williamson); WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center (Spencerport); and GST BOCES, Wildwood Campus (Hornell).

An awards ceremony honored the following winners:

Action Skills

  • Kendra Heath, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Robert Crewe, Niagara, 2nd
  • Grace Stephens, EMCC, 3rd

Advertising Design

  • Tyler Smith, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Skylar Goodman, Edison, 2nd
  • Damien White, GST Coopers, 3rd

Animal Careers

  • Julia Lindo, Belmont, 1st
  • Jamie Bonar, Harkness, 2nd
  • Madison Mosher, LoGuidice, 3rd

Auto Body Helper

  • Tyler Hosmer, GST Wildwood, and James Flannery, Wayne, tied for 1st
  • Cody Harvey, Ellicottville, 2nd

Auto Service

  • Dillan Horning, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Grant Cheney, Hewes, 2nd
  • Tucker McCaig, GST Wildwood, 3rd

Auto Technology

  • Daniel Eckert, WD Ormsby, 1st
  • Connor Lynden, LoGuidice, 2nd
  • Ethan Bibby, WEMOCO, 3rd

Carpenter's Assistant

  • Daniel Roe, WEMOCO, 1st
  • Derek Lupia, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Nathan Semski, GST Bush, 3rd


  • Michael Huntington, Orleans, 1st
  • Jeffrey Jones, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Alex Jumper, GST Coopers, 3rd

CNC Milling

  • Avery Cheatle, EMCC, 1st
  • Evan Bartz, GV Batavia, 2nd
  • Jeffrey Chapman, Orleans, 3rd

Collision Repair

  • Joshua Conner, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Armani Rosario, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Jacob Wig, Ellicottville, 3rd

Commercial Baking

  • Yara Assaf, Niagara, 1st
  • Alexandra Lint, Harkness, 2nd
  • Emily Cascio, Kenton, 3rd

Computer Maintenance

  • Collin Campbell, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Zack Fox, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Andrew Alvord, GST Wildwood, 3rd

Cosmetology Jr.

  • Grace Corley, WD Ormsby, 1st
  • Stefanie Nicholas, Orleans, 2nd
  • Taylor Shaw, Belmont, 3rd

Cosmetology Sr.

  • Ashley Reitz, Belmont, 1st
  • Lexus Waite, Orleans, 2nd
  • Lindsy Cali, EMCC, 3rd

CPR/First Aid

  • Carolyn Pizzingrilli, EMCC, 1st
  • Christopher Gregoire, EMCC, 2nd
  • Rheannon Nasca, Niagara, 3rd

Criminal Justice

  • Nicholas Woodward, Niagara, 1st
  • Tommy Hall, Olean, 2nd
  • Justin Decker, Wayne, 3rd

Crime Scene Investigation (Three-Person Teams)

  • Niagara, 1st
  • CG May, 2nd
  • Orleans, 3rd

Culinary Arts

  • Alexis Cramer, Harkness, 1st
  • Julia Tibold, WD Ormsby, 2nd
  • Kodi Figueroa, WEMOCO, 3rd

Custom Painting

  • Gavin Schmidt, GV Batavia, 1st
  • Morgan Sullivan, Orleans, 2nd
  • Scott Bollin-Shugarts, GV Batavia, 3rd

Diesel Mechanics

  • Austin Zwelling, Niagara, 1st
  • Cameron Wollaber, Niagara, 2nd
  • Alec Hurlbut, GST Wildwood, 3rd

Early Childhood

  • Jenna Langley, Ellicottville, and Taylor Morrissette, Niagara, tied for 1st
  • Shae Johnson, Ellicottville, 2nd

Electrical Construction & Wiring

  • Isaac Conrad, EMCC, 1st
  • Nicholas Thompson, Harkness, 2nd
  • Bar Reh, Edison, 3rd

Employment Application

  • Sierra Cartagena, EMCC, 1st
  • Trinity Grist, GST Coopers, 2nd
  • Logan Robinson, GST Coopers, 3rd


  • Paige White, WD Ormsby, 1st
  • Gracie Fideli, Niagara, 2nd
  • Hailee Eggleston, GST Coopers, 3rd

Extemporaneous Speech

  • Emilee Kassay, Orleans, 1st
  • Duncan Metlak, Niagara, 2nd
  • Jessica Shoemaker, Orleans, 3rd

Health Knowledge Bowl (Four-Person Teams)

  • Potter, 1st
  • Coopers, 2nd
  • WEMOCO, 3rd

Job Demo A

  • Rebekka Abrams, Wayne, 1st
  • Jenna Zehler, Kenton, 2nd
  • Christina Tino, WEMOCO, 3rd

Job Demo Open

  • Dahlia Carruasquillo, EMCC, 1st
  • Sydney Crouch, GST Coopers, 2nd
  • Darnel Bishop, Harkness, 3rd

Job Interview

  • Noah Briglin, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Winter Foss, CG May, 2nd
  • Brenna Sweeney, EMCC, 3rd


  • Clayton Keyes, Orleans, 1st
  • Ember Brown, EMCC, 2nd
  • Dalton Smith, GST Coopers, 3rd

Nail Technician

  • Megan Ruggles, Olean, and Hailey Stout, Model, 1st
  • Maddison Murphy, Harkness, and Alexis Swearingen, Model, 2nd
  • Alyson Pero, Wayne, and Porschia Wilson, Model, 3rd


  • Jade Hansen, EMCC, 1st
  • Brooklyn Chapman, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Skylar Culver, Niagara, 3rd

Power Equipment

  • Ben Stilson, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Ean MaGill, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Harley Chapman, GST Coopers, 3rd

Precision Heavy Equipment

  • Connor Hutches, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Edmond Brennessel, Wayne, 2nd
  • Joel Rawleigh, GST Coopers, and Eric Wieland, Niagara, tied for 3rd

Prepared Speech

  • Gabrielle Timmerman, EMCC, 1st
  • Justin Herberger, GST Coopers, 2nd
  • Jonathan Lippert, Niagara, 3rd

Quiz Bowl (Five-Person Teams)

  • EMCC, 1st
  • WEMOCO, 2nd
  • LoGuidice, 3rd

Related Technical Math

  • Ryan Neuner, Harkness, 1st
  • Destanie Giertz, Orleans, 2nd
  • Veronica Boller, WD Ormsby, 3rd

Restaurant Services

  • Mackenzie Toponak, Niagara, 1st
  • Jacob Ciancione, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Aydrianna Weimer, Belmont, 3rd

Small Engines

  • Nick Tarnowski, Niagara, 1st
  • Ian Becker, Niagara, 2nd
  • Trent Kenny, Niagara, 3rd

Technical Drafting

  • Gabriel Grossman, Belmont, 1st
  • Ryan Wilson, WD Ormsby, 2nd
  • Johnathan Jones, Wayne, 3rd

T-Shirt Design

  • Paige Skinner, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Ashley Sinn, GST Coopers, 2nd
  • Jaci Morgan, GST Coopers, 3rd

TV/Video Production

  • Haley Northrup and Kayla Hamilton, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Giovanni Damiano and Christopher Materne, GST Bush, 2nd
  • Emma Valentin and Kyle Griffin, Olean, 3rd


  • Blak Pariso, GV Batavia, 1st
  • Jordan Sobolew, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Billy Snyder, Ellicottville, 3rd