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Culinary students serve up a lesson in healthy eating

Culinary students serve up a lesson in healthy eating

Offering a taste of what they have learned from their hands-on curricula, Alfred State College Culinary Arts students recently taught nearly 200 women how to prepare a delicious and healthy meal for themselves and their families during a Healthy Food and Cooking Preparation Demonstration.

The demo was part of the Allegany County Department of Health’s Women’s Health Initiative. According to The Spectator, nearly 40 ASC culinary students created a nutritious five-course meal for the attendees, who were able to watch the students prepare the dishes on-screen as they were being served.

In addition to the tips and techniques they acquired from watching the students create the meal, attendees also received detailed recipes as to how to prepare each dish, as well as cook books, a Fitbit scale, and more.

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