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President Sullivan dares employees to make a difference

President Sullivan dares employees to make a difference

Everyone at some point in their life has been dared by someone – a friend, a sibling, a classmate. For Alfred State College employees, that list also now includes President Dr. Skip Sullivan.

During his spring 2019 Opening Remarks speech, Sullivan dared faculty and staff to make a difference in the lives of students, keeping in mind the acronym he created: DARE, which stands for “Deliver Alfred’s Remarkable Experience.”

“There are many ways to do that. I dare you to do it,” Sullivan said. “You only have to speak with alums, look at yearbooks, and talk with retirees to understand a little more clearly about what this Alfred experience means. An alum recently asked me what I valued most as being president of Alfred State. It was a good question, but part of that answer was certainly to be able to preserve the ‘experience’ of Alfred.”

Sullivan went on to relay several examples of what that experience can be for people, based on conversations he has had with numerous Pioneers.

“That experience might have been something related to their Greek experience. It might have been being a part of the national championship ski team in the ‘70s, traveling with the choir, building ice sculptures, the pub, dining hall trays, snowball fights, or participating in any number of events that may have happened at Alfred State during their time here,” he said. “For some, it was experiences that prepared them for work and life.”

In helping to Deliver Alfred’s Remarkable Experience, Sullivan said he and Alfred State employees need to consider their roles in making that happen.

“Every single student deserves the very best experience we as a college can deliver,” he said. “Can you reflect on every semester and ask yourself, ‘Did I help a student? Was I a part of the success story of that student this semester?’ Nothing is more rewarding to me as the president than to witness the growth that a student makes during their time here.”

Regardless of your position, Sullivan told faculty and staff, “do not underestimate your importance in making this Alfred experience remarkable.”

“You are hereby officially dared as employees to make a difference,” he said. “In fact, I double dog dare you.”

Additionally, Sullivan spoke about programs in development, facilities upgrades, athletics, achievements, the college budget, and more.

employees holding their “Alfred State: Dare to be Great" pins

After Opening Remarks, employees proudly wear “Alfred State: Dare to be Great” pins to kick off the spring semester.